10 people who deserve to be given dirty slaps this week

dirty slap
dirty slap

On this weeks episode of e-slaps by our host, Ferdinand, we bring you 10 ‘people’ who deserve to be given very dirty slaps this week.

Enjoy and share.

  1. Donald Trump

We need to slap him again being the most disruptive influence the world has seen. Ever.

  1. Irrational Wizkidians

Ojuelegba slaps to all the morons that dickride Wizkid to the level of comparing him to Fela!! You guys put him in a very bad spotlight fools!! He sold out the Royal Albert Hall as headliner, awesome, but he has not reached anywhere close to where Fela reached before he died. Calm down.

  1. Ghanaians

Ghanaians deserve multiple slaps for starting that “One Corner” dance. Nothing good has come out of that country since the Ayew Brothers, Azonto and Sarkodie.

  1. Nigerians

Nigerians who joined Ghanaians in dancing “One Corner” deserve to be slapped from two corners. You let yourself, your community and a whole nation down. SMH!

  1. Ayodele Fayose

The Ekiti State governor wants to be president of Nigeria in 2019. Can someone slap that ridiculous nonsense idea out of the salary-owing machine? I mean, from Buhari to Fayose, whom did we offend as a nation?

  1. Eedris Abdulkareem

Eedris deserves to be given a legendary slap for being a dirty useless igbo (weed) smoker and making igbo smokers look bad. Man should go and rest, and stop fooling himself in the name of dragging other younger artists. Shoutout to Timaya for clapping back at him by the way.

  1. Nigeria

Nigeria deserves to be slapped, because at 57 years old, ‘she’ still acts like a baby. Maybe if we all donate one slap each, the country’s destiny will reset. Maybe

  1. Buhari

President Buhari’s Independence Day speech was painful to listen to. After 3 years, he is still blaming the past administration for Nigeria’s conditions. On Biafra he also blamed South East elders who witnessed the 1967 – 1970 civil war for not telling youths about the effects of the war. Ironic, because the Education Ministry scrapped history and he can make them re-include it in the school syllabus. Also funny because he is blaming all the south east for the actions of a few. Smh

  1. Spain

The Spanish government doesn’t want the Catalonians to have independence and they’re doing everything possible to stop it from happening; everything including using brutal force. They deserve multiple slaps for being a disgrace to democracy. If it was an African country now, CNN will be talking about how Africans love flouting the rule of law. SMH

  1. PSquare

And last but not the least, the entire Okoyes! We need to come together and give them permanent separation slaps! We are tired of them fighting. They can go solo please. Somebody should also tell Daddy Aliko Dangote to face his Cement business and not interfere. Thank you.

Written by Burmese Tyga

REAL!!! Last of a dying breed.

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