11 people that deserve to be slapped this week

Dirty slap

Our man Ferdinand is back with the weekly e-slaps and this compilation is lit, and apt. Once again, enjoy and share this list of all the people who deserve hot slaps this for their actions in the last week.

  1. President Buhari

For handling the South-East agitation like a dictator and not a democratically elected president. And ‘lowkey’ a tribalist.

  1. Nnamdi Kanu

Nnamdi Kanu deserves multiple slaps for the way he’s going about this IPOB struggle. And leading innocent people to death!

  1. Donald Trump

The usual suspect. For consistently being a racist by defending and maintaining his stance about Charlottesville

  1. IPOB

And all its members for being a daft menace and that video where they were looking for Northerners in buses.

  1. The Nigerian army

For Operation Python Smile, and using extreme force against protesters, leading to the death of some of them.

  1. Mr Eazi

We slapped him last week for his nonsense comment. This week we are slapping him because Otedola’s money is not showing on his skin.

  1. King Lola

Of course, we have to slap Lola for posting a DM that was rude, unnecessary and unrequested.

  1. Badmansauce

For barging into a strangers DM to beg for money, then playing the victim when he was insulted. Life is not fair G!

  1. Daniel Marven

Slapping @danielmarven, a South African Nigga taking L’s all week all over the Internet. Looking like Nintendo 64 graphics.

  1. South East Political Leaders

All South East Governors, Ministers and senators deserve multiple slaps. If they did half their jobs, there won’t be half the Biafra agitation. Thieves!

  1. Oxlade Chamberlain

For taking his bad luck to Liverpool. He was trash in Arsenal and has been trash since he joined Liverpool. I mean, look at this.


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