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    10 Celebrities who were ruined by Drugs and Alcohol

    Hanks Anuku

    Many celebrities find themselves getting addicted to either drugs or alcohol, ruining not only their career but their lives as a whole. We have curated a list of some celebrities whose careers have been ruined by excessive consumption of alcohol and drugs. We don’t know if you’ll enjoy it, but share to discourage someone from […]

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    11 people that deserve to be slapped this week

    Dirty slap

    Our man Ferdinand is back with the weekly e-slaps and this compilation is lit, and apt. Once again, enjoy and share this list of all the people who deserve hot slaps this for their actions in the last week. Its been a crazy week for idiots who havent relented in their speciality. Pls nominate ur […]

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    5 tips for successfully dating a married man

    Cheating husband

    We saw a piece giving tips on how to successfully date a married man and we thought it wasn’t good enough, so we have done our own version. Enjoy share. Don’t Try That Nonsense Ma’am. End.

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    Weekly round up: 9 persons who deserve to be slapped this week

    Craze Clown and Tega

    Saying @Burmese_Tyga is a serial rabble rouser on Twitter is an understatement. From East to West, North to South, and beyond the borders of Nigeria, he dishes out savageness on a regular. Today, he has dropped his regular list of people who deserve slaps and we have curated here. Enjoy, share. Issa good Sunday! Haters […]

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    Game of Thrones Season 7 Finale – Quick Download here

    Game of Thrones Season 7 finale, Episode 7, Dragon and Wolf

    Without a doubt, Game of Thrones is the greatest show ever made. And the highly awaited Season 7 finale is here. Titled The Dragon and The Wolf, it is the longest Game of Thrones ever episode made and it promises to be super explosive. Download all 79 minutes of premium HD TV experience before your […]

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    Rats in Aso Rock: 3 reasons Nigeria may have a Rat President in 2019

    Rat president in Nigeria

    It has become obvious that rats in Nigeria now have an association and are becoming a very powerful cabal. Considering the recent happenings in the country, you could tell they are definitely masters of their game, might probably have a political party and may end up running for the presidential race in 2019. Judging from […]

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    Nigerians react as militant rats invade the office of the president

    rats in aso rock

    So according to his communications aides, rats have invaded the office of the president of Nigeria – the most populous black nation’s seat of power. There are several adjectives to describe exactly how we feel about this, but we’ll let you see how social media is reacting to this ridiculous news. Rats in President's office. […]

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    List of helplines you can call if you’re in an Emergency

    Emergency numbers in Nigeria

    Have you ever been in a pressing situation and you didn’t know who to call? Have you ever needed help but you didn’t have the right numbers to dial? That is about to change as we have curated helplines you can call during emergencies. Please ONLY call these lines when you need help. Share to […]