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    6 Reasons Why Mosquitoes Are Attracted To You

    Mosquitoes are one of the most hated insects in the world. The annoying tiny animals constitute nuisance with their bites and hovering sounds, and to crown it all they cause the dreaded malaria. However, while anyone can be bitten by mosquitoes, research has shown that certain characteristics and actions attract them more. Heavy Fragrance Heavy […]

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    Shoprite Leaves Nigeria: 7 other notable companies that also left the country

    Africa’s biggest grocery retailer and the South Africa-owned chain of stores, Shoprite, has announced its exit from Nigeria after 15 years. The decision came after the company re-evaluated its operating model not just in Nigeria, but across Africa. A statement from the company read “Following approaches from various potential investors, and in line with our […]

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    Ka3na and Lilo Evicted, plus see how the Housemates voted

    Dorathy, BBNaija

    Having scored the least votes in the BBnaija voting rounds last week, Ka3na, Eric, Lilo and Praise were put on the chopping board, and their fellow housemates were asked to vote 2 persons they want evicted. This is how they voted: ‪Bright: Eric, Ka3na‬‪Dora: Eric, Lilo‬‪Kidd: Ka3no, Lilo‬‪Erica: Eric, Lilo‬‪Laycon: Ka3na, Eric‬‪Kaisha: Ka3na, Lilo‬‪Neo: Ka3na, […]

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    10 Most Valuable Sport Teams in the World

    Forbes has released its annual list for most valuable sport franchises in the world and surprisingly, despite plummeting revenue amidst the coronavirus pandemic, several teams have still managed see increase in their worth. The list is widely dominated by American sport franchises from the NFL, NBA and MLB, with only three football teams making the […]

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    Olumide Akpata’s Journey to NBA Presidency

    Olumide Akpata  has secured an unprecedented victory and has become the new president of the Nigerian Bar Association.  Akpata had faced strong competition, but his supporters remained steadfast, describing him as a much needed disruption of the status quo. Following months of controversies and campaigns, Akpata won the election with 9708 votes defeating Julius Oladele […]

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    8 Animals That Can change Sex

    Sex change is a process by which a person or animal changes sexual characteristics either from male to female or vice versa. In humans, this usually occurs through sex reassignment therapy or sex reassignment surgery. For other species, sex change occurs naturally, usually through sequential hermaphroditism. Sex changes in animals occur for various reasons, ranging from weather to reproduction […]

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    Summary of the 2019/2020 Premier League Season

    The 2019/2020 Premier League season has finally come to an end, and it did so with plenty of final day drama. Liverpool had already been crowned champions, a victory that meant so much, being Merseyside club’s first ever league title in the Premier League era. Liverpool’s victory did by no means signify a wrap,, as […]