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    Top 10 Safest Countries in the World

    The Global Peace Index is a ranking of the safest countries in the nation. This report is published annually by the Institute for Economics and Peace. The report researches countries to determine which are the safest, while also ranking the most dangerous. A total of 163 countries are featured in the report. There are 23 […]

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    10 Of The Richest Pets In The World

    They’re cute, they’re cuddly, they’re loyal, and sometimes, they’re even rich. It’s hard to imagine what an animal could do with millions of dollars, but these charming pets have it all figured out. Animals have a way of working their way into our hearts, and in some of these cases, they even work their way […]

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    Top 10 Strongest Countries in the World

    Armies are considered an important part of a country and its security. Every year, a large fortune is allocated out of the budget for fighting battles. Countries take special initiatives to strengthen themselves militarily. If we try to compare the armies of the different nations to gauge the countries with strongest armies, it would probably […]

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    10 Celebs Whose REAL NAME You Didn’t Know

    You’d be surprised to see how many actors have changed their name in Hollywood. Similar to writers with pen names, they change it to a stage handle to make it clicks better among their fans and to actually help their career. Sometimes actors will change their last name because it could be used as inappropriate […]

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    Top 10 Most Powerful Intelligence Agencies In The World 2019

    Intelligence agencies are the first line of defense against potential internal and external threats. They are tasked with gathering intelligence, conducting various forms of espionage, advising the government when it comes to national security matters, spreading fake information, and, in the case of some agencies, even carrying out assassinations. While all the intelligence services of […]

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    10 of The Most Heavily Guarded Places in the World

    Ever wondered why some of the most secure locations on Earth are also some of the most mysterious places on Earth? Whether they’re supposedly concealing the existence of aliens at Area 51, protecting the President at the White House or setting up a fail-safe in case of a global catastrophe at the Svalbard Global Seed […]

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    5 of the Youngest Grammy Winners Ever

    Winning a Grammy obviously marks a huge accomplishment for a singer at any time, but there are a select few artists who managed to earn the coveted prize at a very young age. These 10 musical acts were all under the age of 20 when they earned their first Grammy award. The Peasall Sisters Ages: […]

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    Ranking The 10 Most Powerful Female Superheroes On Screen

    Historically, the patriarchal nature of Hollywood studios have tended to relegate female characters to smaller, side roles. They were rarely placed up front, and when they were, they were just one part of a larger, all-male team. For instance, when the modern era of comic book movies kicked off with 2000’s X-Men, we saw the […]

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    10 Musicians Who Have Won the Most Grammy Awards

    The Grammy Awards are considered one of the top honors an artist can earn in the music industry. Most singers are thankful just to be nominated more than once, especially since the major categories can get really competitive. But there are a select few musicians who have managed to not only earn a slew of […]

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    The 10 countries with the most billionaires

    This statistic shows the 10 countries with the most billionaires in 2019. In 2019, New York (USA) maintained its position as the world’s top billionaire city with 540 billionaires. There were a total of 2,325 living billionaires as at 2014, compared to 2,170 in 2013. There were 2,039 male and 286 female billionaires in 2014. […]