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    7 Unanswered Questions From the Bible

    The bible is the post important literature in Christianity, it is regarded as the word of God and offers guidance and direction to Christians. However, the bible is also filled with mysteries and questions that Christians believe are not meant to be queried. But if as Christians, we are meant to live by what the […]

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    7 Ways Coronavirus Has Changed Our Lives

    Without doubt, COVID-19 has drastically impacted the world. As it sweeps across continents, countries, cities and communities, life as we know it has been completely altered. Whether collectively or individually, everyone has felt the effect of the pandemic both in our daily lives and our general way of life. Here are seven ways the coronavirus […]

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    What You Should Do If You Develop COVID-19 Symptoms.

    Much has been said about what people should do to prevent contracting coronavirus, but with 25 cases recorded in Nigeria in just under a week, more attention should be drawn to self care when people develop symptoms. There is an urgent need to spread information about what people can do to mitigate effects of the virus […]

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    12 Team Management Apps for Remote Work

    The spread of coronavirus has altered the mode of operation of almost every spectrum of society. Governments are banning large gatherings, schools are being shut down, and people are being asked to stay at home. These drastic changes will is no doubt affect small businesses and organisations with on going tacks and projects. However, technology […]

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    How to Channel Failure Into Success

    Failure hurts badly and no one ever wants to experience it, but the sad reality is, it is inevitable, but what separates successes from the failures is the attitude. This might sound a little cliché but, virtually everyone who has achieved something great, whether an invention or a sporting milestone, experienced failure multiple times, the […]

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    7 Tips to Help Improve your Long-Term Memory

    Memory loss is a common occurrence, and everyone has their individual moments of lapse of memory. For some this could be as a result of neurological conditions like Alzheimer and genetics, while for others it is just a random occurrence that comes up sporadically or frequently. For those without genetic conditions, memory loss could be […]

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    Full List of Winners at the 7th AMVCA

    The 7th edition of the prestigious African Magic Viewers Choice Awards was held on March 14, 2020 to its usual glitz and glamour. It was a gathering of industry professionals and lovers of African movies and television. Living in Bondage took home the big prizes, with Best Director and Best Overall Movie. Without further ado, […]