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    List of Nigerian Words Newly Added to the Oxford Dictionary

    The Oxford English Dictionary has acknowledge the growing popularity, as well as the ‘unique and distinctive’ contribution of Nigerian English to English as a global language and hence, added a number of words and phrases into its dictionary. Apparently,, Nigerians have taken “ownership of English” and have used it as their own medium of expression. […]

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    12 Strangest Delicacies Around the World

    When God created the world, he gave the first man the permission to do what he pleases with all he created minus the tree of good and evil. In other words humans are free to consume whatever the earth produces and several people and societies have gladly obliged, turning the strangest and most dangerous things […]

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    Influencer Marketing Vs Paid Advertising

    Mazi Ibe - Influencer Marketing

    Recently, there’s been a lot of discuss as well as confusion about the term “Influencer marketing” and who an influencer is. Its no doubt that the rise of social media as a marketing tool has created a new wave of guys who call themselves influencers and has left a lot of people confused.The Influencer marketing […]

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    10 Nigerian YouTubers you should be watching right now

    It is undeniable that Nigerian YouTube creators have upped the ante in terms of the quality of content and level of creativity. These creative minds have churned out quality imaginative content on a consistent basis in tech, food, lifestyle, comedy among others, keeping viewers entertained, irrespective of taste or preference. In no particular order, here […]

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    10 highest-paid YouTubers of 2019

    The influence of YouTube today cannot be overemphasized, it has grown from being the largest source for video content to one of the most lucrative platform for content creators. There are billions of video content on YouTube and millions of creators, and while not all creators get to bring in the big bucks, some have […]

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    Biggest 2020 Oscar Snubs

    The nominees for the 2020 Academy Awards have been announced, and just like every year there have been surprises, shocks and controversies. Since the announcements, the film community has been thrown into a debate about who deserved to be on the nominees list but wasn’t. Just like everyone we were also shocked by some of […]

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    Full List of Nominees for the 2020 Oscars

    Nominees for the 92nd annual Academy Awards have just been announced with several big names coming up with nominations as expected. The biggest winner however was was Tod Phillips’ gritty Joker with 11 nominations. See the full list below Best Picture: “Ford v Ferrari” “The Irishman” “Jojo Rabbit” “Joker” “Little Women” “Marriage Story” “1917” “Once […]

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    10 books about the Nigerian civil war you should read

    As we mark 50 years since the end of one of the most devastating conflicts in the history of West Africa, it is imperative that we do not forget those events that shaped the history of Nigeria. Over the years, several literature have been released with different accounts and perspectives of the civil war, otherwise […]

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    13 moments that defined the 2010s

    The 2010s was an eventful decade that saw several era-defining moments, rise of trends, history shaping events and an unprecedented change in the way we see the world. Below is a list of 12 of the most impactful moments, trends and happenings that defined the past decade. Climate change The past decade brought the unfortunate […]