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    20 songs that shaped Nigerian music


    Nigeria to the world; Nigerian artistes are selling out shows and the Afrobeats movement has gone global and we couldn’t be prouder of our stars. But before the quality, sound and production of Nigerian music became refined, some songs and artistes played a major role in the industry and helped the transition to greatness. They’re […]

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    13 valuable lessons we can all learn from the Acrimony movie

    Lessons from Acrimony

    The name ‘Tyler Perry’ means different things to different people. While some will say he is the Hollywood version of a Nollywood filmmaker, others believe he is a god. Whatever side of the divide you’re on, we can all agree that his contribution to black entertainment is nothing short of incredible. He has made films […]

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    4 Easy Ways To Talk To A Nigerian Celebrity

    Olamide streets, Nigerian celebrity

    Some of us would rather face a firing squad than start a conversation with a famous person. Experiencing temporary paralysis and shock is normal when star struck, even for people who have years of experience talking to celebrities. It is totally normal to embarrass yourself especially if the celebrity is someone you admire or look up […]

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    5 foods that are bad for your vagina

    Thought Catalog

    In case you didn’t know, what you put in your mouth can affect your vagina. Food is one of the basic human wants and it serves to nourish your entire body, vagina included. Some foods have an adverse effect on your vagina; they affect the smell, taste and flora of your vagina. Here are some […]

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    Compilation of Strides the Progressive Governors made in June

    Progressive Governors Forum, APC governors

    As we begin the second half of 2018, the monthly compilation of the activities of Progressive Governors continues with strides they have made in empowering citizens, creating jobs, the health sector, education infrastructure, etc. As always, do verify via the links provided, and share with someone. Empowerment, Jobs, Capacity Building and Development Bank of Industry […]

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    10 Nollywood stereotypes we have come to accept


    You MUST throw up at least twice or you’re not pregnant Pregnancy that you did not vomit, is that one pregnancy? It doesn’t matter what the doctor says, if you don’t throw up, your pregnancy is unconfirmed. Big babes wear heels. All the time Even if they’re just going to buy puff puff at the […]

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    Top 10 one-hit wonders


    Bigiano Shayo was a jam and a half. It was the party jam that year. Sadly, that was the only hit Bigiano recorded, he wasn’t heard from again. The song was so big that it won him a Sound City Music Viedo award a nomination at the MTV Africa Music Awards. Morachi The mezebu master […]

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    Life-saving tips for someone having a seizure

    Seizure tips

    Witnessing a seizure can be terrifying. But do you know what’s more terrifying? Not having an idea what to do. You are terror-stricken, extremely scared – especially if it’s a loved one. The most important thing you can do if you witness someone having a seizure is to stay calm and act fast. Act fast, […]

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    5 telenovas 90s kids will remember

    second chance

    Nigerians didn’t just start to enjoy telenovas with the introduction of Telemundo, Zee World and DStv into their lives. Years ago, our local TV channels kept us glued to our TVs in the night and we enjoyed some of the best telenovas ever. Here are 5 of them: Secret of the sand: For many 80s/90s […]

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    10 hottest Nigerian songs in the first half of 2018

    Wizkid concert

    2018 has been an amazing year for Nigerian music. Wizkid sold out the 02 arena, a 20,000 capaity hall in May, Davido performed to over 10,000 fans in Suriname, South Americain that same May and Adekunle Gold recently sold out the Indigo at the 02 Arena less than a week ago. Nigerian music is global. […]