AFCON 2024 Came With Surprises: 5 Things We Love So Far About Africa’s Premier Football Competition

The primary international men’s association football tournament in Africa is the African Cup of Nations (AFCON), officially sanctioned by the Confederation of African Football (CAF) and established in 1957. Since 1968, it has been held biennially.

The current edition of the competition began on January 14th, 2024, with Ivory Coast serving as the host nation.

In this blog post, we will be looking at 5 things we love about the ongoing tournament.

Beautiful Faces of Patriots Representing Their Countries

It is widely acknowledged that Africa is endowed with abundant resources and boasts a diverse and attractive population across its various nations. This sentiment has been notably evident during the current AFCON, where numerous enthusiastic patriots have been fervently showing support for their respective countries.

The images captured during the tournament vividly depict the narratives of pride and passion exhibited by these individuals. As the competition advances to the knockout stages, there is anticipation and excitement for more moments that encapsulate the spirit of unity and national pride.

The Surprises

This year’s Africa Cup of Nations has earned the moniker ‘AFCON of Shocks,’ as perceived underdogs have showcased remarkable performances, challenging the notion of clear favorites. The theme became more pronounced when the host nation, Ivory Coast, suffered a surprising 4-0 defeat at the hands of Equatorial Guinea on their home turf.

Notable upsets in the tournament include Tunisia’s loss to Namibia, Ghana’s last-minute draw against Mozambique following two stoppage-time goals from the latter, and Mauritania securing their first-ever AFCON win by defeating Algeria.

Do you agree that this edition is living up to the title of the “AFCON of Shocks”?

The Bants Between Nations 

Whether it’s about music, sports, or food, banter between African nations is a constant source of amusement, and the ongoing AFCON has certainly not disappointed in this aspect.

Traditionally, banter between Nigeria and Ghana, as well as South Africa and Nigeria, has been quite popular. However, during this tournament, the spotlight shifted to a particularly famous banter moment after Ivory Coast’s unexpected 4-0 loss to Equatorial Guinea. Here are some of our favorite picks that are sure to bring a good chuckle.

The Goals

Goals at AFCON are known for being beautiful, and the current competition is no different. The goals scored so far are really impressive and showcase great skill. If you haven’t seen them yet, you should check out some of these amazing goals—they highlight the talent on the display at the ongoing tournament.

New Talents Being Discovered

As anticipated, a competition of such magnitude should ideally act as a stage for unearthing new talents. Since the start of the competition, we have had the pleasure of witnessing promising talents, including those already active in European clubs and others who aspire to take the next career leap by showcasing their skills on this grand stage. 

It’s an exciting prospect to see potential stars emerge and potentially make their mark with some of the world’s most prominent football clubs.

Some of them are Dango Ouattara, Mohammed Kudus, and many more. We’ll keep an eye out for more talents as the tournament progresses. 

Final Thoughts 

The competition is just beginning to heat up as it moves into the knockout stages. We’re eagerly anticipating more excitement and thrilling moments in the upcoming matches.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments.  

Written by Seunfunmi Joshua

Seunfunmi is a Publicist, Filmmaker, Writer & Producer of Live Events..

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