Weekly round up: 9 persons who deserve to be slapped this week

Craze Clown and Tega
Craze Clown and Tega, Baba Ade

Saying @Burmese_Tyga is a serial rabble rouser on Twitter is an understatement. From East to West, North to South, and beyond the borders of Nigeria, he dishes out savageness on a regular. Today, he has dropped his regular list of people who deserve slaps and we have curated here. Enjoy, share.

  1. Mother Earth

I’m nominating Mother Earth for slaps for this unusual anger lately. Harvey, Imra, Benue, India, Sierra Leone what is it sef? Did Mars cheat on you? Better calm down!!

Hurricane Harvey

  1. Lai Mohammed/The FG

For celebrating Nigeria being out of recession when recession is not out of Nigeria. For also canceling the Federal Executive Council meeting because “the public holiday didn’t give them time to prepare.”

  1. President Buhari

Buhari's speech

They may have debunked the claims he wanted to go to the USA, but deep inside, we know he did want to go and ‘relaz’ his nerves. And if there was no public outcry, he would have been lounging in Trump’s country right now. SMH

  1. Jaja PHD

Can we slap @JajaPhD for asking men to send each other nudes because women do same?

  1. Mr Eazi

Mr Eazi needs to be slapped into one nationality. He is so confused he thinks he owns Ghanaian words now. Olo’orun!

  1. Osi Suave

We should slap Osi for being against our Sunday idiot slap sessions. I would be too if I was getting e-slapped weekly for being an e-diot.

Osi Suave

  1. Pablo Ayodeji/Yomi Shogunle

For being the account handler for @YomiShogunle – some handle tweeted this, can’t remember it. I’m crien!!

  1. Oxlade Chamberlain

We need to slap Alex for showing he’s the definition of bad luck. He made Arsenal lose, Liverpool lose…and his absence made Arsenal win.


  1. Bobrisky

Just slapping Bobrisky for the culture. I heard she’s acting now. Wow! Y’all really done made a celeb out of it!

Written by Burmese Tyga

REAL!!! Last of a dying breed.

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