9 ways to avoid getting shot by members of the Nigerian Police Force

  1. Strip naked

I don’t know the origin of this, but it seems to always work for bus drivers. As soon as a Policeman threatens to arrest them they go stark naked and they are usually let go. Maybe it is because the policemen do not have anything to grab (except the penis of course – imagine how awkward that will be), or maybe stripping is a sign that they possess no weapons or have nothing to lose.

Danfo naked

Whatever it is, it is an ingenious way to avoid getting shot by the police. Oya swallow your pride and remove ya cloth.

  1. Bribe them

If they lean in and say, ‘oga, happy weekend’, it’s your lucky day. These ones are just hungry and depending on how buoyant you are, you can make their day by dashing them something. Let it not be a polymer note though. They might take it as an insult and …your burial will cost more money than that.

Police taking bribe

Written by Chidi Okereke

Content creator, Digital Communications guy, Social Media Analyst, Jack of many trades, and master of some.

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