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12 Fruits Commonly Mistaken as Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables do basically the same jobs for the body, they provide abundant vitamins and minerals that help boost the immune system, fight diseases to help us stay healthy. Maybe that is why certain fruits like tomatoes and pumpkins are often mistaken for vegetables. More so, our subconscious have been made to believe that vegetables are naturally green and fruits are colourful and sweet, but colour and taste are far from what distinguishes a fruit from a vegetable.

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For clarification, botanically, a fruit is a seed-bearing structure that develops from the ovary of a flowering plant, whereas vegetables are all other parts such as leaf, root, stem or flower bud from a plant or tree, and do not contain seeds. Examples of vegetables include, carrots, potatoes, cabbage, lettuce, celery, etc. Now that we know the definition, take a look at some common fruits you’ve definitely mistaken for a vegetable.

1. Cucumber

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2. Tomatoes

3. Avocado

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4. Pumpkin

5. Bell peppers

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6. Peas

7. Okra

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8. Eggplant

9. Olives

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10. Squash

11. Green beans

12. Nuts

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Now is a good time to remind you of the importance of incorporating fruits and vegetables into your diet, in order to maintain a strong immune system and have an all round healthy lifestyle.

Written by Emeka Nweze

Content writer and contributor.

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