Do you know that the Nigerian Passport is made in Malaysia? 5 reasons that should stop

Nigerian passport

Yes. If you didn’t know, the Nigerian passport is not made in Nigeria. Wait, let me say it again. The document that shows that one is Nigerian (especially in a foreign country) is not made in Nigeria. It is made in Malaysia. Who knows, maybe that is why it is called International Passport – it has gone abroad before you.

Anyways, we think it is ridiculous that Nigeria imports its own passport, and these are 5 reasons it should stop.

  1. Better Economy

We all know the Nigerian economy needs to fully transition from an import dependent to an export driven one. Our over-reliance on imported products has placed a strain on our FX reserves and because of that, demand for Forex is high, causing scarcity, and inflation of the Naira.

Nigerian Economy

One way to reduce this is to locally manufacture the things we import. When this is done, we reduce demand for foreign currency, and make the naira more valuable.

  1. More Jobs

Right now, the immigration service is creating jobs for Malaysians and Malaysia. Last time we checked, the unemployment rate in Nigeria is 13.5% (which may be lower than the actual figures) while the unemployment rate in Malaysia is 3.5%. So, who needs more jobs? Us or them? I mean, this comparison is even flawed because even if their unemployment rate is higher than Nigeria’s we still have no business providing jobs for them when we people do not have jobs here.

Unemployment Nigeria

Imagine the amount of jobs that would be created if these high-in-demand passports were produced in Nigeria – from scratch. Just imagine.

  1. Internally Generated Revenue

This affects and is affected by the first and second reasons. The production chain – from buying raw materials to levies/duties paid by buyers/sellers to tax revenue generated from employees of the print company/beneficiaries of the value-chain all go back into the system as internally generated revenue.

Nigerian GDP annual growth

You sef think am

  1. Cost-Effectiveness

It may have been cheaper at some point to have the passports printed in Malaysia, but on the long run, it is bound to become more expensive – if it isn’t already. Demand for passports will never wane – a visit to the Immigrations Office will prove that – so it is only right that we make plans to stop importing it.

Oluyomi, CEO Printivo
Oluyomi, CEO Printivo. Credit, Techcabal

There are many establishments that can handle the printing in Nigeria. If in doubt, go to Shomolu and see what people are doing.

  1. The Shame

The shame. The embarrassment. The feeling that even your identity is made in another country is saddening. I mean, with all the people and resources we have, what does Nigeria actually make in Nigeria? With the budget allocated to the Ministry of Interior, Immigration and Nigerian Securities Print and Minting Plc, why are we printing passports abroad?


In conclusion, SMH.

Written by Chidi Okereke

Content creator, Digital Communications guy, Social Media Analyst, Jack of many trades, and master of some.

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