See the moments Khloe and Anto snuck into the house, and when the other housemates saw them

Khloe and Anto
Khloe and Anto return to the BBNaija house

Week nine of the BBNaija reality TV show came with some unexpected twists and drama (to the housemates at least). Previously evicted/disqualified housemates were given a chance to return to the house and people voted for their favorites. In the end, Khloe and Anto received the most votes, and were returned to the house.

During the live show, Ebuka – after toying with the housemates’ emotions – announced that the returning housemates will sneak into the house by 3am, and this led to a nationwide vigil as people stayed up/set their alarms to see what will go down when the old housemates returned.

3am, we all waited with bated breaths, and a few minutes after the hour, while other housemates snored away, Khloe and Anto snuck in, went straight to the Head of House room and slept there.

See the video as they made their way back in.

Although a lot of us were disappointed – because we thought there was going to be more drama, but it made sense that the housemates were not awoken, and so the vigil continued till about 6 am, when the alarm blared.

See the video when the housemates were made aware of their return.

Credit – @maniac8989 on Twitter.

What do you think is going to happen now that these two are back in the house? Any drama?

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