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#FvckYouChallenge: 10 covers you should absolutely listen to

FvckYouChallenge Kiss Daniel
FvckYouChallenge Kiss Daniel

The arresting details behind Kizz Daniel’s “Fvck You” have become all the rage in Nigeria. The song’s message, although cryptic, has given rise to the #fvckyouchallenge, akin to reactionary movements like the “Who Run It” challenge, or the recent spillover created by Blueface’s “Thotiana.”

Kizz Daniel opened the year with the single, ‘Fvck You’ and it is no surprise to see that other celebrities and fans have caught the bug of the infectious song. And thanks to social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, the challenge has still gone viral.

You can search the hashtag on Twitter and Instagram for a repertoire of sounds, but we have selected 10 you should absolutely watch and enjoy.

We will kick start the list with the pioneer himself Kizz Daniel;

Kizz Daniel

Since the release of the song early in March, there have been an outburst of numerous cover versions and we have selected 9 of the best that we have not been able to stop singing along to.



Falz stepped into the ‘Fvck You’ challenge with his typical humorous bars as he drops his pains at his girl who had turned one for the entire industry.

Tiwa Savage


Shortly after Kizz Daniel encouraged female acts to get in on the challenge, Mavin first lady, Tiwa Savage has shared a fiery freestyle verse that instantly got social media talking.

Chidi Okereke

While everyone was talking about relationships, cheating men and women, Chydee made it about SARS, a societal menace. Brilliant.

Eva Alordiah

We can’t claim to know who this is aimed at, but on behalf of the person, we are sorry, Eva. Ahhhhh.

Pasuma Wonder

Well, the legendary Pasuma Wonder jumped on this. Who would have ‘thunk’ it?

Head Masta

This particular one got us. He actually name-dropped some of his friends and the video production was lit. Love it.



Vector the viper, the Nigerian kingkong rapper proved that he’s still on top of the game with his fvck you cover. He basically tackled those tackling women they claim slept around. Love it.



This one is completely mad. Words can’t describe it. The role play, the production, amazing.


This guy is amazing, and that’s really that about that.



Veteran Nigerian vocalist/singer Simi, you her ever amazing voice to dish out her own story of heartbreak.

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