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What We Know About Toyin Abraham’s Internet Backlash

In the dynamic world of entertainment, public figures often find themselves at the center of attention, where they face scrutiny for their professional successes and personal lives alike. Toyin Abraham, a leading actress in Nigeria’s film industry, has recently become a focal point of intense internet backlash on the X app (formerly Twitter) which has sparked widespread discussion and debate.  

Here’s everything we know and feel about the situation;

  1. Toyin Abraham Has Been a Victim of Online Harassment According To Her

For over a year, Toyin Abraham, a Nigerian actress and ace producer has faced cyberbullying, which according to her has been because of her support for President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, whom she considered the most qualified candidate in the 2023 Presidential election. She stated that she has been a victim of harassment and has been threatened by many Nigerians ever since. She also mentioned that an X user wished death upon her son.

  1. Toyin Abraham Allegedly Arrested Big Ayo

In the early hours of today, Wednesday July 10th 2024, news started going round that Toyin allegedly had a social media influencer named “Big Ayo” arrested for insulting and defaming her. Big Ayo had made derogatory comments about Toyin and her son on social media which led to Toyin swinging into action and collaborating with the police to track down and arrest Big Ayo, who was taken into custody along with his mother. 

The arrest has further sparked a debate about online harassment, freedom of speech, and the limits of celebrity power. Some people supported Toyin’s actions as a necessary step to combat online harassment, while others saw it as an abuse of power and an infringement on free speech. Some people made a valid point that the consequences for defamation should be lawsuits, not police arrests.

  1. Nigerians Have Begun to Report Her to Netflix

As a result of the backlash, Nigerians have started sending petition emails to Netflix to remove her movies from their platform. They cite her actions as a violation of human rights and freedom of speech and an abuse of the power and authority she holds in society. This effort aims to establish a precedent for holding public figures accountable for their actions online. 

It highlights the consequences of Toyin Abraham’s actions, as Nigerians are now calling for her to be held accountable by Netflix, a major brand in the industry she represents. It shows that the public is taking a stand against perceived abuses of power and advocating for the protection of human rights and freedom of speech.

  1. Her Response

In response to the situation, Toyin has taken to her official instagram page to warn the trolls that she would no longer tolerate abusive behavior and death threats, committing to take legal action and fight back against online harassment. When the bullying and threats continued, she then responded by promising to arrest everyone who had bullied and threatened her.

While emotionally expressing her exhaustion and frustration with the constant bullying during an Instagram live video, she allegedly stated that the only crime she has committed is supporting another candidate during the elections. She also went to declare how ready she is to take the fall as seen in this video below. 

Final Thoughts

Toyin Abraham’s internet backlash highlights the damaging effects of cyberbullying on public figures. It also underscores the importance of respecting individuals’ mental health and the ethical use of power by celebrities. 

Let’s promote empathy and responsibility in online interactions to create a supportive digital environment for everyone.

Written by Seunfunmi Joshua

Seunfunmi is a Publicist, Filmmaker, Writer & Producer of Live Events..

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