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Everything We Know About Saskay And Chef Derin’s Situation 

Saskay, a popular TV reality star, has recently become a focal point of public attention and discussions. This follows a statement made on Sunday, March 17, 2023, by her alleged boyfriend, Chef Derin. He expressed regret on the X app for not interacting with his “Instagram baddies” as much since he started a serious relationship with Saskay.

In his words he said “All my baddies for Instagram no Dey follow me talk again. Sorry fine Girl I’m taken.” Recall Saskay‘s social media post featuring images of her enjoying a meal and quality time with Chef Derin. 

Chef Derin has faced intense scrutiny and sparked a social media uproar. However, let’s take a closer look at the relationship between Chef Derin and Saskay.

Chef Derin, A Playboy?? 

Following Chef Derin’s post on the X app, another user, “Maxtheairbnbguy,” accused him of being a playboy. According to Maxtheairbnbguy, Chef Derin allegedly left his friend for Saskay, causing his friend to fall into depression. “Maxtheairbnbguy” claimed that Chef Derin’s friend had loved him wholeheartedly and had even supported him financially.

In his words, he said “God will punish you for what you did to me friend, how you used her, f#cked up her life and dumped her for Saskay Olorun you will never see good in your life. Look at how you’ve disgraced yourself, you dumped my friend for fame now you’ve gotten it yet you’re not satisfied.” 

Furthermore, the responses from other users on the X app to Chef Derin’s post were overwhelmingly in agreement. Here are some reactions from internet users:

Cierra Gold remarked: “Speaking as if your own partner isn’t equally stunning… Men can be quite embarrassing sometimes ‍♀️”

buttercups speculated: “He’s subtly asking the beauties to message him.”

Derin Did Have Issues With His Ex And Was The One Who Got Dumped

Chef Derin stated that his ex-girlfriend was the one who ended their relationship, as he explained in response to the accusation. The situation took a turn when someone named “Ore-Ofe” contacted him and shared untrue information, which exacerbated the situation. Derin later apologized to his ex, Funmi, for the distress caused by the false allegations, after he confirmed Ore-Ofe had ulterior motives.

The Snapchat Screenshots Are Fake

Some leaked online chats allegedly between Chef Derin and his friend suggested that he had negative opinions about Saskay’s abilities in the other room and was only with her for fame. However, Chef Derin denied these claims, stating that the chats were fabricated and part of a campaign to tarnish his image.

Saskay In The Know

Derin claims that he explained everything he had gone through to Saskay when they started talking in October 2023. However, confirmation of this statement is still pending, and we are eager to see how Saskay will respond to the situation.

Wrapping Up,

As for Saskay, who has maintained a scandal-free image, her response to this situation is highly anticipated. Whether she decides to address the issue or stay silent, many are eager to see how things will unfold.

Written by Seunfunmi Joshua

Seunfunmi is a Publicist, Filmmaker, Writer & Producer of Live Events..

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