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5 most powerful female characters in Game of thrones

Games of thrones, GOT for short, has seen a great turn of events over the past few years as the battle to sit on the iron throne moved from a battle of Kings to battle of Queens. Women are taking down great kings and fighters without stress and are working there way to becoming the most powerful force to stand against.

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Here are 5 most powerful female characters in GOT:

Arya Stark

Arya stark who witnessed her father being beheaded, has since been filled with rage and consumed by her quest for revenge.

Although she’s driven by this negative vengeful force, Arya has work her way to becoming a power fighter at a very young age. After learning a few fighting skills from Jon Snow, she learnt more from the Hound when he kidnapped her after the death of her father. She then went to seek the power of “the many faced god” and letter broke free to sort for revenge. She journeyed her way to Walder Frey and assassinated him along side his army for killing her brother and mother.

Although young and vengeful, she’s quite loved for her skills and judgment.

Danerys Targaryen

Yes I know what you’re thinking,— she’s not even a fighter. I know, but she has two (once three) dragons at her command, along side fleets of Nonsolid soldiers and other alliances which she has at her command. It was no easy road for her to get to this point, after been married of to a war Lord who later found favour in his eyes and feel in love. She has pushed through most kingdom and made them to bend the knee. From someone who was initially shown as fragile, Danereys transforms into a fearless leader. Her courage in trying times is inspiring.

Brienne of Tarth

There is this spark we feel when we see a woman in the force. Brienne give this same spark. She’s not just in the army, she’s a powerful fighter, a warrior with great swordsmanship. She once went up against the Hound and beat the hell out of him. Also she went up against one of the best swordsmen in westeros, Jamie Lannister, and he was no match for her skills. She’s also a loyal servant. Brienne is a character that reminds us not all leading ladies need to have long hair and wear pretty dresses. They can be physically strong, ruthless and totally skillful.

Cersei Lannister

Cersei is a ruthless woman when it comes to her quest for power. She’s a caring mother and loving as well, but she never let’s any of that get into her way from sitting on the iron throne.

One thing she rather die than allow happen, is to let another family sit on the Iron throne which belong to the house of Lannister. She has this undivided attention she pays to power, no matter the failures, tragedy and shame, she always strikes back with a vengeance that her enemies never live to regret.


Melisandre is a priestess and I think she has been under estimated in the Game of thrones. She combines her beautiful, magical powers and knowledge to command power and authority.

She makes her magical powers work in such simple way. She also has a hidden and cruel side which keeps in the secret.

There are many other power women in the show but these are my best 5. What’s yours? Let us know in the comment section below.

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