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5 Best Selling Nigerian Movies of 2016

The Wedding Party, The CEO, A Trip to Jamaica …


The Nigerian movie industry saw one of its best years in 2016, with Nigerians flocking the cinemas to actually watch Nigerian movies. Some people even saw some movies twice …twice. What a time to be alive. Coupled with the fact that 8 Nollywood films were premiered at the Toronto International Film festival, 2016 was definitely a fantastic year for Nollywood. Here we take a look at the 5 best selling Nigerian movies of 2016.

  1. Wives on Strike

A comic movie that goes against the usual patriarchal system run in most Nigerian marriages, Wives on Strike is a story about a group of market women who decide to go against their husbands in a bid to protect an underage girl from child marriage. The film is said to have grossed N51 million in its first 17 days in the box office with views from over 50,000 people across cinemas nationwide.

  1. Fifty

Fifty is a romantic drama that is centered around 4 women at the heights of their career and dealing with midlife crisis. Produced by the renowned Mo Abudu, the film reportedly grossed N44 million in 2016, in addition to the N50 million that it grossed in 2015, when it was released. 

  1. The CEO

Another Kunle Afolayan classic, this mystery thriller premiered aboard an Air-France flight to Paris. The movie is about 5 top-level staff of a company who are selected for a retreat that doubles as an audition for the role of the CEO of a global company. Filled with twists and turns the movie was greeted with a large Nigerian Cinematic audience and is reported to have grossed N60 million, and appreciable acclaim, internationally.

  1. A Trip to Jamaica

A box office record breaker, this comedy film by the renowned comedian AY was said to have even surpassed the Nigerian sales of major Hollywood blockbusters as it grossed over N137 million at the cinemas. Starring stars like Funke Akindele, Nse Ikpe Etim, Patoranking, Cynthia Morgan and a host of others, the movie got a whole lot of Nigerians laughing and its producers smiling to the bank.

  1. The Wedding Party

Arguably the most watched nollywood film of 2016, The Wedding Party is a hilarious movie that most Nigerians can relate to. It highlights everything that could possibly go right or wrong in a typical Nigerian society wedding, and all the actors did a great job interpreting their roles. Brilliantly directed by Kemi Adetiba, the movie grossed N200 million in its first 16 day, beating every single movie that was released in the year 2016. 


So, these are the best selling movies in 2016. Other movies that made it to the cinemas and had people talking include 76, Brother Jekwu, Ghana Must Go, etc.

Is there any Nollywood movie you particularly enjoyed that wasn’t listed? Drop your comments below.

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