12 times the viral Kayode Ewumi (MC Roll Safe) Meme made perfect sense

Roll Safe meme
The beautiful thing about memes is that they usually come out of nowhere. Just some random picture or cut from a video, and one becomes a viral sensation. That is the story of the current most used meme in 2017 and Kayode Ewumi, aka MC Roll Safe, a 24 year-old Nigerian actor based in the UK is the man behind it.

The meme which could mean ‘have sense’ or ‘you sef think am’ is from a short film called “Hood Documentary”. The video follows deluded, but strangely lovable – aspiring grime MC Roll Safe as he guides viewers through “the hood”, aka, a small area of south London.

Now each time a new meme arrives Social Media, the creativity of human beings, especially Nigerian people is unleashed. Suddenly, we forget that Buhari has not brought us the Change he campaigned for and we are …nevermind. Without further ado, these are our top 12 Roll Safe meme inspired tweets. Enjoy and share!!!

Ignorance is bliss

Hehehe, let EFCC catch you

Later when they say, “Men are …”

You are a motivational speaker, WYD?

#AskingForAFriend been saving lives since the ‘90s

Oldest trick in the no-pot-washing book

Plot twist

If you hold your lips, nobody would flog you

Fam. Too much motivation in one tweet.

Strategy of life!!!

You sef think am …

Very major key

Hahaa. Have you seen other memes using Kayode ‘MC Roll Safe’ Ewumi’s face? Share with us.

Written by Benjamin Dada

I derive my talents by trying to do what others are doing. That's pretty much how I stumbled on Writing.

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