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8 struggles only left-handed people understand

Left handers day
Left handers day

Today, August 13 is International left-handers day. Only about 12 percent of the people in the world are left handed, so that explains why many products are designed with only right-handers in mind.

Apart from products and equipment, many left-handed Nigerians have had their skulls almost knocked in when they instinctively hand things to adults with their left hands because it is considered disrespectful and rude.

Here are 8 struggles left-handers have to face.

  1. Scissors:

Scissors may seem basic to you as a right-hander but they’re a nightmare for left-handers. Most scissors are designed with the space for the thumb above which is the revers way for left-handers to use it. There are scissors for left handed people but the gag is that they’re more expensive than regular scissors.

  1. Chairs and desks:

Chairs and desks are mostly designed with the desk part on the right, making it almost impossible for left-handed persons to write while using them.

  1. Mugs and travel cups:

You know those cute travel mugs that you slide pen the cover and sip from? Left-handed persons cannot enjoy that simple pleasure. The mugs are often designed with the sipping part facing you if you hold it with your right hand. If you eat with your left hand, then there’ll be problems.

travel mug


Also, cute character mugs may be only usable if you drink from them while holding them with your right hand. As for mugs with text, be prepared to read upside down.

  1. Serving spoons and ladles:

A number of kitchen utensils are designed with right-handed people in mind. From can openers to ice cream scoopers and ladles.

Right-handed ladle
Right-handed ladle

It’s going to be pretty difficult for a left-handed person to scoop something using this ladle while it is a breeze for right-handed folks.

  1. Ink and lead stains:

Writing from left to right while left-handed can be pretty challenging. Your hand moves over what you just wrote, smudging it and staining your hands. It can be really annoying

lead stains.
  1. Notebook binders:
Notebook binders

Notebooks with binders on the left are a problem for lefties. Writing in them is difficult because starting from left to right, the binders get in their way.

Notebook Binders
Notebook Binders

Some lefties just solve that problem by writing from right to left or by writing only in the middle.

  1. You might get no love on your coffee:

Hold the mug of coffee in your left hand and the message you get is completely different from your right-handed friend.

  1. Seating arrangements at the dining table may be a little awkward:
Bumping elbows

If you are seated next to a right hand person, their right elbow and your left elbow will keep colliding as you eat.

Written by Temitope Adeiye

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