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5 Common Misconceptions About Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s day is almost upon us and preparations for some have begun. Love is a worthy thing to celebrate, but it’s worth much more if celebrated correctly. So to help us celebrate accordingly, we have listed out some common misconceptions about the day dedicated to love.

1. Valentine’s day is only for lovers

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On no account was it stated that valentine’s day should only be celebrated by couples. So to all the singles do not get depressed or sad when your friends are posting pictures or sharing stories of themselves having fun with their significant other. The theme for Val is love, be free to express your love to your family, friends or/and the less privilege.

2. It has to be celebrated on Valentine’s day

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Irrespective of how or who you plan to share Valentine with, it is not compulsory you celebrate it on the same day as everyone else. The fact that this year’s Valentine’s day is on a week/work day means that most people only have a few hours after work to celebrate. So picking another day to celebrate would not be a bad idea.

3. Valentine’s day is all about the girl

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Dear ladies, it is wrong to believe this day is all about you. Yes, it is common practice for a guy to do the most spending, but nothing stops you from getting him something tangible. By tangible, I don’t mean handkerchief, boxers, singlets or any of that stuff that would have him crying later that night. Valentine is about love and love is caring and SHARING.

4. Gifts must be expensive

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One of the highlights of Valentine is the exchange of gifts. You do not need to use the entire month’s pay to get a gift for your Val. What matters most is the thought behind the gift and most times just being a little creative and original beats buying an expensive gift. Try to be simple this year, especially with the recession in town.

 5. You must have sex

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Some say sex is the ultimate show of love. This is not true because sex and love are two different things. Then there is the belief that sex on Valentine’s day is super awesome. Not necessarily true, because sex on this day is just the same as it is on other days. So do not ever feel pressured or obligated to have sex on Valentine’s Day.

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Happy Valentine’s Day in advance to all our readers. Kindly leave your comments and suggestions in the box provided below.

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