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5 Things You Can Do While Waiting In a Banking Hall

Banks are boring, from the terrible music in the elevator to the quiet chatter and the unending sounds of keyboards and beeps, you always just can’t wait to leave. Since we all agree that waiting in a bank for your turn to make a deposit or talk to a customer care agent can be tedious, what can you do to kill time and bring a little cheer?

Here are 5 helpful tips for activities you can do while waiting in a bank.

1. Play candy crush

Pick up your phone and go for a new high score while waiting for your number 238 to be called. You’re not going anywhere anytime soon anyway.

2. Finally reply all your 340183 WhatsApp messages.

We know you have been avoiding your secondary school group notifications for two months. Well now you have the chance to find out while James married your assistant head girl. and read all your mothers bc’s too. God is watching.

3. Finish your data on your IG explore

Waiting on the banking line isn’t fun at all but you know what is? Instagram explore page!. get lost in the endless stream of videos and fire jpegs. Use your earpiece tho.

4. Twitter Violence

Delve into the world of constant mayhem on the Twitter streets while you wait in line. Find out who is trending today and why they deactivated heir account. this is a personal favorite.

5. Think about your ex

ermmm…I know what you’re thinking, but it’s sha an option. Think about the good times when you were young and dumb making plans to be together forever. It’ll be your turn in no time.

Written by – JosuéDigital

Written by Emeka Nweze

Content writer and contributor.

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