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Top 10 one-hit wonders

  1. Bigiano

Shayo was a jam and a half. It was the party jam that year. Sadly, that was the only hit Bigiano recorded, he wasn’t heard from again. The song was so big that it won him a Sound City Music Viedo award a nomination at the MTV Africa Music Awards.

  1. Morachi

The mezebu master was way ahead of his time. He released a jam that gave birth to a slang, a trend that only became the norm much later.

Sadly, after Mezebu, he faded into obscurity. He tried to make a comeback but it seemed like the world had moved on from him.

  1. Zule Zoo

Kerewa was the song we covered the ears of children to when it came on. It was a song teenagers didn’t dare enjoy in front of their parents. It was all the more interesting because it was forbidding and the lyrics are so explicit. The song was banned for on air play in Nigeria.

However, Zule Zoo never scored another hit after Kerewa.


  1. Deebee

The track collabo shot him to limelight. It earned him the nickname collabo master. Deebee released his debut album in 2009 and has been unheard of ever since.

  1. AY.com

Pass me your love, featuring Terry G was a major hit back in the day. AY dot com achieved celebrity status all of a sudden and he disappeared off the scene just as fast. He had a major falling out with Terry G who produced the song and things just went downhill from there.

  1. Soul E

Soul E Baba  dey here. Then all of a sudden e no dey again. Soul E shot to limelight after he released Soul e Baba and that was the first and last hit he recorded.

He made the news for a while later but it was for a scandal involving his wife at the time, Queen Ure and their Pastor, Pastor Chris Okotie of House of God Assembly.


7. Djinee

After the success of Ego, everyone who had hoped to see Djinee shine at the top soon had their hopes dashed. Ego was a breath of fresh air but it seems Djinee ran out of steam after that track. He released some other songs as a Choc City signee but none lived up to Ego.

  1. Kel

Kel is one of the few female rappers in Nigeria who actually made waves for a while. She was seen as the next big thing in the music industry, she was seen as the person to rival Sasha in the industry.

However, that was not to be as she dropped off the scene in no time.

  1. Ty Bello

After the group Kush broke up, TY Bello released Greenland in 2008 and the song was a major chart topper.  TY then made a major success of her photography, but the same cannot be said for her music career. She did release an album years later but it is still under the shadow of Greenland.


  1. Jodie

Jodie found fame as an Idols West Africa finalist and it seemed she had consolidated it when she dropped Kuchi Kuchi in 2010.

Sadly, nothing has been heard from her since.

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