3 reasons why K-Brule and Khloe were disqualified from the BBNaija house

K-Square, Khloe and K-Brule evicted

If you haven’t been watching, K-Squared; K-Brule and Khloe have been disqualified from the BBNaija game. Biggie announced their disqualification this evening, after they earned their 3rd strike as a team.

How did they earn the strikes?

  1. K. Brule attempted suicide

Recall when K. Brule got drunk and jumped from the first floor? Yeah, that. He got a strike for that, and that marked the beginning of their strikes

  1. Khloe called K-Brule’s mother a whore

Oh well, it’s all fun, banter and games till you call somebody’s mother a whore on live TV. This is what earned Khloe and K-Square a second strike. Apparently, K-Brule tried to kiss Leo, and Leo told Khloe. The head of house went ham and in the process, she called K-Brule’s mother a whore.

  1. K-Brule threatened to physically harm Khloe

One of the BBNaija rules is NO-physical assault. From the audition stage, if you show signs of physically-aggressive behavior, you won’t make it to the house. Therefore, when K-Brule almost hit Khloe, and had to be restrained by other housemates, Biggie had to issue a third strike.

Three strikes equals a disqualification and it is unfortunate that Khloe’s Head of House status couldn’t save her.

Written by Chidi Okereke

Content creator, Digital Communications guy, Social Media Analyst, Jack of many trades, and master of some.

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