Double Wahala: See how the BBNaija housemates have been paired

BBNaija pairing
BBNaija pairing

When we heard that the theme for this year’s BBNaija is Double Wahala, we didn’t quite know how it will play out. But it is clear now. Housemates have been paired in twos, and what this means is that nominations, success, failure, punishments and evictions will be for the pair. The party has officially begun.

This is how it happened.

The guys were handed roses and asked to sit on one side. Then the ladies were blindfolded and asked to pick papers from a bowl. The ladies were then arranged by ascending order of the numbers they picked, and asked to choose a guy. Catch is the guys were free to reject whoever picked them. Or give them a rose of they accept. Rejected ladies were sent to the back of the line.

Ahneeka went first and picked DeeOne. DeeOne rejected her, and that was the highlight of the pairing. DeeOne eventually went with Princess, and Ahneeka went with Rico.

See the pairings.

  1. Cee C and Tobi
  2. Anto and Lolu
  3. Ifu and Angel
  4. Alex and Leo
  5. Teddy A and Bam Bam
  6. DeeOne – Vandora
  7. Khloe and K.Brule
  8. Bitto and Princess
  9. Nina and Miracle
  10. Rico Swavey and Ahneeka

So, now, who are your favorite pairings? Who do you think will survive?

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