9 ways to motivate yourself to hit the gym and achieve fitness

How to motivate yourself to be fit

If you’re reading this, you have probably thought about registering at a gym, or you actually did, and for some reason, you stopped going. Whichever category you fall under, you should be proud of yourself. Why? Because starting a fitness journey has crossed your mind. That’s one of the best decision you could make.

Getting started is hard, but being consistent is the hardest. No worries though, I got you. Get your workout mojo back with these proven methods of motivation.

  1. Remember why you started

What made you decide to start a fitness journey? Your clothes don’t fit anymore? You want to shed some pounds? You want to be stronger? Or you simply just want to switch to the healthy lifestyle. Anytime and every time you feel like quitting, remember your “whys”, remember why you started. Most importantly, remember who you’re doing this for – yourself. It’s your body, own it.

  1. Surround yourself with motivation.

Motivation is what gets you started. Have your goal written everywhere. Your notepad, diary, vision board. Write them on colorful sticky notes and paste them on your wall.

“Who/what you surround yourself with, you become”. Positivity is contagious; try it today.

  1. Have a workout calendar

Schedule time and date for workouts on your calendar and treat them like business meetings. Tick the days you work out with a green marker and the days you don’t with red! At the end of each month, have a review. Do you think you did well? Score yourself.

  1. Give yourself a real reward

Get a massage, go see movie, have a cheat meal, a staycation, etc. Rewards can be anything that you look forward to. Be proud of every step you take towards reaching that goal. Celebrate your success, you’ve paid your dues and you deserve some accolades.

  1. Make a commitment

“If I don’t work out today I will pay…” Sign up a contract. There are also a few fitness accountability apps you could use. If you don’t reach a certain goal, you pay. If you do, you earn back and more.

  1. Get a workout buddy

Working out is often more enjoyable when you do it with someone else. Scheduling workout with a friend or group makes everything better and fun. You are each other’s source of motivation.

  1. Post your work out routine

If you want it, share it. Social networking sites help. Talking to your partner, a friend or family member about your goals also helps. Your followers and friends would make you accountable and you definitely would not want to disappoint.

  1. Put on your workout clothes

Invest in good work out clothes or better still, follow the athleisure trend. Wearing fitness gears motivate you to work out. Ever heard of ‘Enclothed cognition’?

  1. Get a good playlist

Music takes away any pain or discomfort felt at that moment. Make a playlist that makes you want to move. I personally love to exercise to fast-beat music then find a way to shaku-shaku (my favorite dance at the moment) in between.

Yes, I dance a lot when working-out. A lot.


Finally, you should be on your way to the gym to sign up right now. Abi, what is your excuse?

Oh, and anytime you want to take a hiatus, ask yourself (out loud): “will I regret skipping this workout?”

Did this give you an extra boost to keep you going? Is there something you’ll like to add? Share your thoughts and let’s connect.

Written by Onyekachi Onuora

Writer, Digital Communications girl, Natural Health & Wellness Enthusiast, and a lot of other amazing things in between.

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