Life Hacks: 10 clever tips that will make life easier for you

Life Hacks

The truth is life is hard enough as it is. Hard and full of unexpected surprises. So why make it harder by doing things the tedious way? Hack your way to a stress-free life with these creative and interesting tips and life hacks.

  1. The wooden spoon trick

An oldie but goodie. Balance a wooden spoon across a boiling pot of water to keep it from boiling over.


A dry wooden spoon absorbs some of the heat from the pot and secondly breaks the surface tension of the bubbles.

  1. Chill any drink in two minutes with salt

Whatever the reason why you need a cool drink fast, whether it’s because you don’t have a freezer or there hasn’t been power for days in your street, this method is helpful.

Place the bottle/can in a bowl filled with water and ice, add some salt and stir.


Salt lowers the freezing point of water, so it helps bring the temperature of the lukewarm drink down quicker.

  1. How to tell if an egg is bad

Place the egg(s) in a bowl of cold water. Fresh eggs would sink, older eggs would sink on their side and bad eggs would float!


Egg shells have about 15,000 tiny pores. As the egg ages, the amount of gas/air inside increases thus making the egg buoyant.

  1. De-stink your shoe with vodka

Got some pair of smelly shoe? Spray some vodka to get rid of that nasty odor.


The alcohol content of the vodka kills odor-causing bacteria.

  1. Get Easy-to-peel boiled eggs with baking soda & water

The fresher the egg, the harder it is to peel. However, there are two ways you can get that perfectly smooth boiled eggs.

Run the egg in cold water after boiling. The sudden change in temperature makes the shell become more fragile, cools it and thereby making it easier to peel.

Add half teaspoon of baking soda to the boiling water. This makes the cooking water alkaline, weakening the bond between the egg white and shell membrane.

  1. Chew gum while studying

If you chew a certain flavor of gum while you study and then chew that same flavor of gum during a test, you are more likely to remember.


The flavor and smell of the gum helps to recall what you were doing while chewing the same flavor.

  1. Use airplane mode to charge your device faster.

Your phone battery is low and you urgently need to go out? Charge your phone on airplane mode and you’ll walk away with a bit more power in your battery than you would otherwise. Reason:

Airplane mode puts your phone at minimum power consumption.

  1. Remove gum from your hair with Coca-Cola

Having an unwanted haircut isn’t the only way of getting rid of a chewing gum stuck in your hair. Put some coke on the affected area, leave for few minutes and rinse. This is as a result of the phosphoric acid contained in the coke.

  1. Apples reduces bad breath

Apples reduces bad breath. Well….in a way. Apple acts as a natural breath freshener. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t brush, please. Don’t inconvenience people, thank you.


When you chew an apple a bit of saliva production combined with the high fiber content of apples will help cleanse your mouth.

  1. When taking a picture, squint.

Squinting a little bit makes you look good in photos. This is especially for those of you who take 200 photos and still look like Taribo West in all of them. Squint a little and flourish.


There, 10 life hacks. Which one have you tried before?

Written by Onyekachi Onuora

Writer, Digital Communications girl, Natural Health & Wellness Enthusiast, and a lot of other amazing things in between.

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