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6 Reasons Why Mosquitoes Are Attracted To You

Mosquitoes are one of the most hated insects in the world. The annoying tiny animals constitute nuisance with their bites and hovering sounds, and to crown it all they cause the dreaded malaria. However, while anyone can be bitten by mosquitoes, research has shown that certain characteristics and actions attract them more.

Heavy Fragrance

Heavy fragrances from products such as deodorants, perfumes, scented soaps, etc are known to attract mosquitoes. More so, Flowery scents are peculiarly attractive.

Sweat and body odour 

Just as mosquitoes love high fragrance, they have also been known to be attracted to body odour caused by sweat. Furthermore, they need water to reproduce, hence, are naturally attracted to areas with higher humidity levels such as our bodies when we sweat

Dark clothing

I once thought this was a lie, but research has shown that mosquitoes are indeed attracted to dark colors. They can see and use their vision to locate targets from a distance, and people wearing dark clothing are at higher risk.

Body temperature

Mosquitoes are attracted to heat, hence the higher your body temperature, the higher your chances of getting bitten by a mosquito. This is also why pregnant women are also very susceptible to mosquito bites.


Drinking alcohol is also known to stimulate mosquito attraction especially as it increases body temperature and metabolism. Researchers also claim that drinking alcohol makes your skin produce a chemical that attracts mosquitoes. 

Blood type

Among blood types A, B, AB and O it has been revealed by studies that mosquitoes are more attracted to persons with type O blood, followed by the A type. 

Written by Emeka Nweze

Content writer and contributor.

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