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7 types of people you’ll see in a Danfo

Which one have you encountered before?

So I am in a bus – not the air-conditioned, comfortable seat type bus, I mean ‘this is Nigeria’. I am in a Danfo, sitting on a pako seat with an iron head rest type of bus, the type that always has

The evangelist screaming “the Kingdom of God is at hand, shange your ways…”

Evangelist GIF

The loud Yoruba woman that is always making a call “haaaa so Kike ti loyun”

woman on phone GIF

The political debaters: “we must change the change, APC se ba puo”

Sam Loco GIF

The serial dozer ‘nods nods, hits head on iron, wakes up, repeat.

Morgan Freeman sleep GIF

The fat person that is always eating galaaaaa, abeg bring two, and two superyogo”

Fat person GIF

The living advert with the igbo accent ‘EM EM EM will make your dreams come true. My uncle’s brothers girlfriend has built a house with this money

Money GIF

The JJC that just came into town: “excuse me sir, how do i get to Obalende?”

please GIF

And then there is me, the observer, the quiet one with headphones on listening to nothing and everything simultaneously.

Oblivious GIF

Then something happens and what you hear is “park, PARK!” yelled by a scraggy-looking man carrying a long whip. The conductor jumps out of the bus and confronts him. A fight breaks out and the JJC sitting next to me asks “won’t you call the police?” The entire bus bursts out laughing and the living advert whispers in JJC’s ears ‘welcome to Lagos”.

laughing gif

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