20 key Black Movies all of us should have seen

As curated by @KiranADavid

We stumbled on this thread of essential black movies everyone ought to have seen and we couldn’t help but share. If you haven’t seen them, you are definitely missing. The history, culture and lessons in most of them are still valid till today.

Enjoy Kiran’s summary of each and act accordingly.

  1. Love and Basketball

Unfocused upper class suburban athletes in an off an on relationship. They both hoop. Both struggle but end up together. Classic. 9/10

  1. Hitch

Relationship scammer befriends overweight corporate American. They both fall in love. Funny love movie. Nice cast. 8/10

  1. Brown Sugar

They date other people but they “best friends”. Movie proves you can’t trust that. Hip-hop centered. Great energy. Amazing cast. 10/10

  1. The wood

2 hood Niggas and a goofy. One tries to back out bis wedding so they use flashbacks to get him to help. Great relaxing movie. Poppin cast.

  1. The Best Man

Idiot smashes his best friends girl then publishes it in a best seller. Somehow finesses his way back into the wedding. Couldn’t be me. 9/10

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