20 key Black Movies all of us should have seen

As curated by @KiranADavid

  1. The Best Man Holiday

Same idiot returns to make money off same friend he screwed over. The girl (Most underrated black finesser) dies. YOU WILL CRY. Great! 10/10

  1. Lean on me

Psycho School Teacher locks his children in highschool and demoralizes staff. Just to pass state test. It works though. Inspirational. 9/10

  1. Coach Carter

Movie about discipline. Street thugs go to State tournament. They lose in the first round. No one goes pro. Nice soundtrack. 8/10

  1. Madea’s Family Reunion

Over the top grandma in the entire families business. Abusive husband. Emotional single mother. Wedding. Jesus. Nice Lil movie. 8/10

  1. Boyz n the hood

RICKYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Watch the movie and you’ll understand. Hood Niggas favorite. 8/10

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