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10 Nigerian Movies and TV Shows on Netflix to Keep you Entertained at Home

A lot of boredom comes with staying at home all day with nothing to do. Fortunately for those who have access to Netflix, there is an array of movies and TV shows to help to fight boredom and for those who enjoy nollywood, the streaming platform has some of the biggest blockbusters out of the country in recent years.

In order to give you a direction on what to watch as you isolate and stay at home, here are our picks for the top 10 Nigerian content on Netflix

1. 99 days

99 Days tells the story of the doctors who fought to contain Ebola when Patrick Sawyer brought it into the country. Along with being a great film with a compelling story and characters, it sort of serves as inspiration and hope as we fight to contain another pandemic.

2. Banana Island Ghost

With all the panic and fear, laughter is surely needed, and BIG provides the right dose of that laughter. BIG is filled with several memorable scenes hilarious performances and a feel good ending.

3. October 1

The period crime drama is perfect for those who love mystery and thrillers. It chronicles a detective who is in a race against time to solve a series of murders before Nigeria’s independence. October 1 is definitely a worthy watch, even if you’ve seen it before.

4. Castle and Castle

The series follows a pair of high-powered, successful lawyers whose conflicting interests of the justice system puts a strain in their happy marriage.

5. Taxi driver

There is no dull moment in this neonoir-esq mystery film that follows Adigun, a young mechanic who moves to the city to drive his late father’s taxi, and encounters series of events and characters that change his life. Interesting and relatable characters as well as the brilliant work of director Daniel Oriahi gives this film life.

6. Lion Heart

Genevieve Nnaji’s groundbreaking directorial debut has a familiar story with a fresh outlook, and filled with nostalgia, impeccable acting and culture. Its several memorable memorable scenes and Nnaji’s performance as actor and director makes this a good watch.

7. The Figurine

The Figurine is a supernatural thriller and mystery film about a pair of friends who discover a mystical sculpture in an abandoned shrine, this discovery bestows good fortune upon them — until luck starts running out.

8. King of Boys

Kemi Adetiba’s masterpiece tells the story of a powerful businesswoman whose political ambitions and power struggle leads to grave consequences, including losing her children. You’ll definitely be watching this film over and over.

9. 10 Days in Sun city

This is arguably AY’s best film till date in terms of story, acting and comedic timing. You’ll be laughing from start to finish as you follow Akpos and Bianca’s misadventure in South Africa.

10. The Wedding Party

This 2016 blockbuster is a full dose of glitz, laughter, drama and a picture perfect happy ending. Dozie and Dunni’s drama filled wedding is the feel good you need to get through this pandemic.

Honourable Mentions

Up North

Merry Men 1

The Ghost and the Tout

Chief Daddy

The Arbitration

Written by Emeka Nweze

Content writer and contributor.

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