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7 Ways Coronavirus Has Changed Our Lives

Without doubt, COVID-19 has drastically impacted the world. As it sweeps across continents, countries, cities and communities, life as we know it has been completely altered. Whether collectively or individually, everyone has felt the effect of the pandemic both in our daily lives and our general way of life.

Here are seven ways the coronavirus has changed our lives.


Over the years, there have been outbreaks of diseases like Lassa fever and Ebola, but none of them can be compared with what we are currently experiencing. The novelty of coronavirus and the manner in which it spreads has made good hygiene an important practice. Washing of hands and general cleanliness which ordinarily should be a normal practice have become become tools for survival.


Since the virus was declared a pandemic, social distancing has become one of the most used words in the world. Markets, stores, schools and offices have been shut down, and people have been urged to stay in their houses. This means that people have been forced to work from homes, and both small businesses and big companies have resorted to working remotely through the use of technology. 

Value for life

As humans it is normal for us to make plans and prepare for the future albeit the uncertainty of that future. The pandemic has no doubt changed the thought process of many with the realisation that life is precious and death is the only sure thing.

Importance of good health

Statistics have shown that coronavirus kills anyone, irrespective of age or gender, however, more fatal cases have occurred in people with underlying health conditions or weak immune systems. In that vein, people have begun to realise the importance of having good health, which can only be possible by eating healthy and exercising.

More time with family

People are very often carried away by the hustle and bustle, and the pursuit of money that they neglect their family. Well, with social distancing and the stay at home policy, families are left with no choice but to spend quality time with each other.


Despite a few doubts and conspiracy theories about the pandemic, there is still genuine fear and panic. Those with the right information have realised the severity of the virus and have begun walking around with masks. Hand sanitizers are selling out, supermarkets are being raided as people stockpile groceries, all in a bid to prepare for the worst—and who can blame them?


The pandemic has brought people and communities together, videos of neighbourhoods singing together have been seen on social media, and back in Nigeria communities are organising sensitisation about the virus and even distributing masks and sanitizers.

Written by Emeka Nweze

Content writer and contributor.

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