Top reactions as Snikoggs, a popular Nigerian Pun-Star/Comedian is exposed for stealing jokes


It is a sad day for Nigerian Twitter as Snikoggs, one of the most popular creators of pun and exceptional wordplay has been exposed as a scam who steals other people’s intellectual property.

The original creator of many of his jokes outed him by screenshotting his’ and Snikoggs’ side by side each other, and we are still overwhelmed.

After Daniel Edison, a 20 year old pun-writer,¬†posted these and more screenshots, Snikoggs response was that he had gotten the jokes from a closed Facebook group, and the ‘owner’ – a certain Jeremy – had said they were his own and he could use them.


Well, Nigerians are not buying that and after the initial shock, we are, in our usual fashion, dragging the Abuja-based ‘cool’ kid all over the place.

See our top reactions.

And this is not a lie. See him perform his (stolen? Sounds original) puns live.

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