Top 7 Best Banks In Nigeria 2019

Gone are the days Nigerians meddle with mediocrity, every Nigerian that has a bank account know definitely about the bank services he or she deserves, this post contains the current top 7 best banks in Nigeria based on recent rankings out of 21 recognized commercials banks in Nigeria.

Most nigerians have multiple bank accounts linked to one BVN, that way they can efficiently switch and conduct bank transactions with the bank that offer the best services, that alone has intensified competition among the commercial banks in Nigeria,with each bank striving to be the best bank in Nigeria.

  1. First Bank of Nigeria | 1894

This bank is the very first bank in Nigeria and it was established in 1894. It is the biggest and richest bank in Nigeria. It has branches in other Africa countries including South Africa , France , United Kingdom and China . First Bank has a;

Total deposit; N2.57 trillion

Total Assets; 25 trillion

Gross Earnings; 44billion

Shareholders Funds; 71 billion

2. Zenith Bank Nigeria | 1990

Zenith Bank was founded in the year 1990 and officially gained recognition in 2004 . This is the second richest and biggest bank in Nigeria. Zenith Bank Plc World Ranking is 293rd.

Customer Deposit; 27 trillion

Total Assets; 14 trillion

Shareholders Funds: 3 billion
Gross Earnings: 4 billion

3. Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB)

GTB is the third richest Banks in Nigeria on Nigerian Trend. GTB has a world Ranking of 415th. GTB is recognized as one of the fastest banking system in Nigeria, its online transactions and short code transaction are very fast.

Shareholders Funds: 35 billion shareholders
Total Assets: 1 trillion
Gross Earnings: N242 billion
Customer Deposits: 44 trillion

4. Access Bank Nigeria | 1989

This bank is 4th in Nigeria and was established in 1989. They acquired Intercontinental bank and they started using Access Bank for both which was more like a merger. Access Bank has 309 branches worldwide and 1600 ATMs. They also sponsor one of the biggest marathon in Lagos and Nigeria at large.

Customer Deposits: 33 trillion
Gross Earnings: N207 billion
Total Assets: 8 trillion
Shareholders Funds: 5 billion

5. United Bank for Africa, UBA | 1949

United Bank for Africa (UBA) Plc, is a leading pan-African financial services group headquartered in Nigeria. It is one of Africa’s best and most resilient banking Groups with operations in 20 African countries and offices in three global financial centers: London, Paris and New York.

Customer Deposits: 8 trillion
Gross Earnings: N264 billion
Total Assets: 22 trillion
Shareholders Funds: 54 billion

6. Ecobank Nigeria | 1986

Ecobank was established in the year 1986. They acquired Oceanic bank . They are the Pan African Bank and that is their Logo . Ecobank Nigeria recorded a tremedious increase in their assets few years after acquiring Oceanic bank .

Customer Deposits: 118 trillion
Gross Earnings: N177 billion
Total asets: N1.146 trillion
Shareholders Funds: N41 billion

7. Fidelity Bank | 1990

In 1988, they stared as a Motgage Bank. It was converted to a commercial bank in 1990.

Customer Deposits: N806 billion
Gross Earnings: N127 billion
Total Assets: 08 trillion
Shareholders Funds: N167 billion

Nigerian banks really rock and we are really proud to showcase some of the best banks in the country! We have just reviewed the list of the best banks in Nigeria 2019 and unique facts about each of them. There you have it, the list of the best banks in Nigeria. If you have any comments, suggestions or criticism, let’s hear it in the comment section. Don’t forget to share. Cheers!

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