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Tears, laughter, Top 20 reactions to Barcelona doing the impossible and beating PSG

Neymar, Messi

After the first leg of the UCL match between PSG and Barcelona, the Spanish side were 4 goals down. Almost everyone thought it was a deficit too deep to overcome, but Neymar said, “if there is a 1% chance we will win, we will fight for it”, and that is exactly what Barcelona did. They fought and were 3 goals up after 62 minutes. Everything was looking good until PSG pulled one back through Cavani. That looked like the end, since it meant Barca had to score 3 goals in 28 minutes to win (away goal rule). But you know what happened? Barcelona scored again. And again. And in the 93rd minute, they scored the final goal, assuring them of a place in the next round.

It was indeed a fairy tale match and the greatest come-back in UEFA history, and as expected, Twitter melted down. These are our top 20 reactions.

  1. All the goals

  1. Even Franck Ribery knows

  1. Arsenal come and pick your sub

  1. Never bet against Barca

  1. Such a powerful picture

  1. Only right

  1. The commentators booth

  1. See you again

  1. Incredible

  1. Fan reaction

  1. Haters gon hate

  1. Plot twist

  1. Shadeeee!!

  1. Crying

  1. Bragging rightz

  1. The celebrations

  1. They gave up too quick

  1. IMPOS61BLE is nothing

  1. Final 9 minutes of the game

  1. Barca actually has 2 heads

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