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Spoiler Free Review of “Elevator Baby”

To be honest, walking into the movie theatre, I had very little optimism on Elevator Baby, maybe because the trailer was kind of boring and didn’t give me much hope. However, after seeing Elevator Baby, I couldn’t wait to get back to the office to start writing this review out of excitement. So without further ado, lets get into the review.


A story about a young man trapped in an elevator might have sounded ordinary, but what Akay Mason brought to the screen certainly wasn’t ordinary at all. As a matter of fact, the story felt fresh, believable and genuine. The plot revolved around two completely different individuals who get caught up in the unlikeliest of circumstances by chance and end up impacting each other’s lives.


The writing was one of the gems that made Elevator Baby a great film. The script at times felt impeccable the way it told the story with its dialogue, comic relief and pacing. Every line in the film served a purpose and there were no weird and unnecessary scenes just to make the film longer.


The main themes were family, redemption, forgiveness, friendship and coming of age. For a movie only 85 minutes long that could have felt like a lot. However, this is where Elevator Baby really thrived, each theme was treated with the right amount of attention and timing, thanks to the writing and directing.


Earlier in this review, I said I couldn’t wait to to write about the film, what I meant was that I couldn’t wait to talk about Timini’s acting. Who knew the “fine boy” who appears on MTV’s Shuga could deliver such a compelling performance with so much emotions and depth. The actor was simply meant for that role. Timini might have stolen the show, but serious props should be given to Toyin Abraham who I personally don’t think gets the deserved plaudits for her performances. The actress delivered a commanding and enthralling performance, despite actually being pregnant during filming, and her chemistry with Timini was something to behold. Veterans Shaffy Bello and Yemi Solade also put up fine performances as expected. Samuel Perry a.k.a “Broda shaggy” was on hand to deliver the comic relief when it was needed. The acting in Elevator Baby deserves a round of applause.


I really liked the directing in Elevator Baby, Akay Mason had a simple script, written almost perfectly, and his job was to simply interpret it the best way he could, and that he did with aplomb. Akay did not try to do too much with the usual elaborate shots and camera angles Nollywood directors are known for, rather, he stayed true to the story and focused on character development. The director also expertly kept the audience hooked and I especially did not get lost or feel bored at any point throughout the 85 minutes.


Sound in Elevator baby had its ups and downs. one particular highlight was the sound of the elevator, despite the fact that the outer part was made with CGI, you almost won’t care because of the actual elevator sounds that emanated. As for the lows, there were a few glitches where the dialogue was not in sync with the actors lips, maybe a fault from editing.


Lately, it seems like whatever Niyi Akinmolayan touches turns to gold and Elevator Baby is another feather to his cap. Elevator Baby isn’t the film of the year but its honesty and compelling character study makes it one of the best films I’ve seen this year. I will recommend it for every true lover of cinema.

Written by Emeka Nweze

Content writer and contributor.

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