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Most Memorable Quotes From Game Of Thrones Season 8 Premier

Game of thrones quotes
Game of thrones quotes

The eight and final season of Game of Thrones returned on Sunday night after a two year wait. Expectations are high and expectations will be exceeded judging from the first episode. As usual the iconic series delivered some memorable dialogues and one liners. Here are some unforgettable lines from the season premier.

Jon: “Look at you! You’re a man now”. || Bran: “Almost”.

Game of thrones quotes

Bran: “We don’t have time for all these …”

Lyanna Mormont (to Jon): “You left Winterfell a king and came back … not sure what you are now”.

Game of thrones quotes

Sansa: “What do dragons eat, anyway?” ||Daenerys: “Whatever they want”.

Sansa (to Tyrion): “Cersei told you her army was coming North to fight for you and you believed her …? I used to think you are the cleverest man alive”

Game of thrones quotes

Jon: “How did you sneak up on me like that? || Arya: You used to be taller.

Jon: “You still have it.” || Arya: “Needle.” || Jon: “Have you used it?” || Arya: “Once or twice”.

Game of thrones quotes

Cersei (to Euron): “You want a whore? Buy one. You want a queen, earn her”.

Cersei: “You’re insolent. I’ve executed men for less”. || Euron: They were lesser men”.

Game of thrones quotes

Cersei (to Euron): “You might be the most arrogant man I’ve ever met. I like that.”

Lord Varys: “Respect is how the young keep us at a distance, so we don’t remind them of an unpleasant truth … Nothing lasts”.

Jon: “Its cold up here for a Southern girl.” || Daenerys: “Then keep your queen warm”.

Game of thrones quotes

Sandor Clegane: “You left me to die” || Arya: “First I robbed you”.

Bran (to Samwell Tarly): “Waiting for an old friend”.

Samwell Tarly (to Jon): “I’m not talking about the King in the North, I’m talking about the king in the bloody seven kingdoms … You’re Aegon Targaryen the 6th, true heir to the iron throne.”

Game of thrones quotes

Dolorous Edd: “Stay back he’s got blue eyes” || Tormund: “I’ve always had blue eyes”.

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