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Different states in Nigeria, and what they are known for – Twitter Edition

Twitter Nigeria

While Twitter is a microcosm of Nigeria, the social network is still subdivided into different demographies. From politics to tech, feminism to football, LWKMD to TBH, most people belong to one or more ‘cliques’. But how does where one tweet from determine who they are and what they say on Social Media?

In this thread by @Burmese_Tyga, we take a look at different states and what they are known for on Twitter

  1. Lagos

They come first because they are too forward. All cool trends start here. Got plenty broke niggas and a mix of gorgeous and local girls.

  1. Abuja

For some strange reason they all look good. A whole bunch of rich niggas and broke girls on the reserve. Fake lives here.

  1. Enugu

The prettiest girls hands down. Argue with ur Mac concealer. Niggas with starched shirts and singlets and mostly tweet in Igbo.

  1. Ogbomosho

I think its just LAUTECH students. Half into Yahoo plus and the other half? Eww! Their intellectual contribution here = 0.

  1. Port Harcourt

Lame niggas kinda because I only know their girls poppin’ on the TL and they very pretty too…only tweet about men…Bole n fish.

  1. Benin

They have the craziest girls on twitter. Lowkey savage niggas too. They don’t make the news that much because of their “identity”.

  1. Owerri

Them niggas don’t tweet that much because they mostly be working online. They have the highest number of light-skin women. Annoying

  1. Arewa

Them niggas be mad sensitive. Their girls don’t follow back because they think we’ll slide under that hijab telepathically?

  1. Onitsha

Just a handful of niggas repping the Igbo culture and making videos with cool accents. Their girls are in denial. Smh

  1. Warri

Them niggas just outright vexing always and will be the first to cuss you and your mom if u start arguing with them in good English.

  1. Ebonyi

LOL i’m just messing around. It dont exist. They barely got internet recently.

  1. Ibadan

Against popular belief. Ibadan is not the hi’land of H-factor. They got some very cool people out there. I fucks with em!

  1. Yola

I know it’s just the confines of the American University. I’ll let y’all slide since y’all are rich…sorry your fathers are rich.

  1. Asaba

They wanna act like they know what’s up. A few cool tweeps here and there but you can’t exclude the village factor.


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