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5 telenovas 90s kids will remember

second chance

Nigerians didn’t just start to enjoy telenovas with the introduction of Telemundo, Zee World and DStv into their lives. Years ago, our local TV channels kept us glued to our TVs in the night and we enjoyed some of the best telenovas ever.

Here are 5 of them:

  1. Secret of the sand:

For many 80s/90s babies, this was their introduction to the wrld of telenovas. Secret of the sand is a Brazillian soap opera based on identical twins named Ruth and Raquel; one is good and one is evil. Ruth is the good one and Marcos, a rich man falls in love with her. However, he becomes involved with Raquel and that is where all the drama starts.

Who remembers the theme song?

2. Passions:

Passions is an American soap opera that details the lives of the residents of Harmony; the intrigues in the love lives and some supernatural activity. The witch Tabitha and her life size doll Timmy which comes to life were major highlights of the show.

The love triangle between Gwen, Ethan and Theresa persisted throughout the show.

Passions theme song was so dope, I’d wager most people still remember it today.


3. When you are mine:

When you are mine tells the story of Diego and Paloma, two people who are in love but who can’t seem to be together. The couple belong to different socio-economic backgrounds and there were people determined to keep them apart.

It aired in Nigeria from 2005 to 2006 on AIT and MBI on weekdays.

4. Second Chance:

This telenova is about a rich man Don Pedro who married a young, hot woman Isabella and then dies shortly after. His soul then takes on the body of a young, hot man called Salvador. Salvador goes to his house, gets a job and begins an affair with Isabella. He also uncovers secrets, deception and betrayal. A lot of people were more interested in how fine and sexy Salvador was than in the show itself.

5. Catalina and Sebastian:

The same duo that played Deigo and Paloma played Catalina and Sebastian. They have great onscreen chemistry so this isn’t surprising.

Catalina married Sebastian, a rich man solely for his money. Then to her shock and disappointment, she discovers that he is the ranch supervisor of the ranch he lives on, and not the owner.

However, he is actually rich, but he is testing her loyalty by making her live as though they are poor. Eventually though, she starts to fall in love with him regardless of his financial status.

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