5 reasons you should NOT graduate with a First Class Degree

Meme Jordan Graduate

We stumbled on this thread by @Rx_Deyholar, a First Class graduate of Pharmacy and we found it absolutely hilarious.

Enjoy and share with someone.

  1. Too much will be expected from you

At interviews, exams, professional courses, anything you venture into, just hide your CV.

So I went for a Chevron exam about two weeks ago. 62 of us wrote the exam. It was pretty simple for me. But only 4 people got picked. When I told my mom that Chevron didn’t pick me, she was surprised and said “o ga o, with all your first class?”



I also ran project management in January. My PMP instructor is an ex to one of my very good friends, so he had an idea. Baba always directed all the tough questions at me and expected me to pull an Einstein every single time and I’m like:


  1. You must know everything in your field

People expect you to know everything in your field forgetting that you made a first class in your first degree and you’re not a professor yet.

At work 3 days ago, a patient came in with a prescription for Clarithromycin and Cetirizine. Next thing, my boss went, “Deola shey you finished with a first class, oya explain the pharmacokinetics of Clarithromycin.”

Me: Kuku kill me


  1. You must know everything about EVERYTHING

They expect you to know everything about everything. Even outside your field, beyond the basics. They expect you to build a plane with a degree in Physics.

After devotion one morning, my kid brother complained that the iron wasn’t working. Mom said, “give Deola, let him check it”.


I didn’t understand

  1. You must be an entrepreneur

The entrepreneurship noisemakers expect you to be self-employed or be an entrepreneur. Otherwise, you’re a corporate slave.



  1. You have to be rich

You just HAVE to be RICH. If not, they’ll use you as an example of their friend that made a first class and is not rich.

Only if I knew!


Hahaa. We hope @Rx_Deyholar has been able to convince you to NOT graduate with a first class!

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