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Vector Vs M.I: A timeline of events

Arguably two of the most talented rappers in Nigeria have been embroiled one of the most heated Hip Hop beefs in recent times. Both rappers have traded endless shots on diss tracks, social media and even on stage. But how did we get here? what is the timeline of events?

Below are a series of events that have directly or indirectly brought the two Hip Hop heavyweight to such a heated diss.

Vector’s subtle jibe in “Kilode”

Vector takes a dig at M.I on the sixth track of his debut album “State of Surprise”. In the track Vector rapped “Kilode? What the heck do you want from me, asking if I could kill M.I. Why would I? He’s a cool kid… Ain’t got no reason to be on a metaphor clash with him. He’s him and I’m me…” This might have been harmless, but the fact that Vector used the word “Kid” was seen by several, including M.I as a dig.

2017 “You rappers should fix up your lives”

In 2017, in what was supposed to serve as a wake up call for Nigerian rappers, M.I released You rappers should fix up your lives, calling out rappers and asking them to sit up and save the rap game. Vector took exception to this and aired his displeasure on the mid-day oasis with Dotun on cool fm.

Hennessy and Martel Brouhaha

It is not a secret that the two rappers represent two prominent cognac brands, Hennessy for Vector and Martel for M.I. It is also well known that both brands organise the two biggest cyphers in Nigeria. Martel has delivered the better cyphers with M.I at the helm but the same cannot be said for Hennessy. However it should be noted that Hennessy is the bigger of the two brands and M.I has never hidden his desire to handle Hennessy’s cyphers, a job Vector already has. He constantly openly criticizes Hennessy and this has definitely been a source for conflict. M.I rapped at the 2019 Martel cypher “And that other cognac (Hennessy), this is how to spend your budget…” in a clear shot at Hennessy.

Xenophobia, A.K.A, M.I and Vector

On September 3, 2019, South African rapper, AKA was at the centre of the Xenophobic attacks after YCee misconstrued his tweets after South Africa’s July 11, 2019 loss to Nigeria at the African Cup of Nations in Egypt. M.I tried to address the issue before it escalated, but Vector was quick to attack him–a war was brewing

The purge

Vector released a diss teack featuring Vader and Payper with digs aimed at M.I and his Chocolate city crew. Vector himself went in hard on M.I with some terrific punchlines and wordplay

He made fun of M.I’s name, rapping, “This is the tale of a fool who’s thinking how to make a name so he picked two letters, then adopted King James and made it a good set up from a basketballer’s name”

He also ridiculed M.I’s height with “How are you a beast when you’re the size of a Chihuahua” and “You told me to drop a joint, what’s the point…if I cut my legs off, you still wouldn’t reach the point where my head is”

As the song ended Vector made sure he addressed M.I obsession with Hennessy “You rep another but you still taking Henny shots, you’re desperate taking any shots”

The Viper

M.I did not respond immediately to Vector’s diss, but when he did, he did with aplomb. First of all, the track itself was filled with brilliantly executed shots and well timed delivery.

Some memorable lines include, “You should look up to me like your pale (dad) / I’m happy my son is taller, doesn’t mean you won’t dobale

“You’ve sinned against the order of heaven that’s why God has brought you to me to be reborn and be forgiven”

“Choc city won at doing biz, and now my shares can help you feed your kids when you sign”

M.I didn’t stop at the diss track, he took the beef to the Big Brother Naija Stage where he performed in a “No Snakes” shirt and appeared to be trampling on C.G snakes. It didn’t end there, a day later, he announced a “No Snakes” Tour.

Judas the Rat

The last installment of the diss came with Vector’s response to M.I on “Judas the Rat”. Vector talked about how M.I is the only one really shining among artists in the Chocolate City label and how he doesn’t help others without getting anything in return. Vector even went as far as calling out M.I’s brother, rapper Jesse Jagz.

Vector rapped, Your brother was such a gift you wrapped away from the light
I mean you claim helping people who are struggling to make it
Hmm, well Jesse is struggling to make it

I mean, your father raised you in the name of the Lord
But we never see you acting in the name of the Lord
Is it the Lord’s way to only act when you make gain
How many rappers have you supported without making any gain?

We await the next installment of the diss between the two Hip Hop heavy weights.

Written by Emeka Nweze

Content writer and contributor.

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