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Top 5 Nollywood Movie Producers

Today, Nigerian home videos are filled with glamour, intriguing scenes and exciting characters. Much of this is down to the ingenuity of Nigerian movie producers. In fact, an actor’s role in any movie is wholly dependent on the script written for him by the producer, and as directed by the director. In simpler terms, the producers/directors are actually the brains behind the growth of Nollywood; however, the actors/actresses appear to take all the credit with little or no credits going to the producers/directors.

  • AY

AY Makun is obviously not the biggest movie producer in the industry. In fact, he has only being active for about half-a-decade or thereabout. However, since he bursted onto the scene, he has produced a number of top-grossing movies. Notable mentions in this regard include 30 Days in Atlanta (2014), A Trip to Jamaica (2016), 10 Days in Sun City (2017) and more.

His most recent production, Merry Men: The Real Yoruba Demon (2018), is currently the 5th highest grossing movie in Nollywood, with a gross earning of 250 million Naira (and still counting).

Although, AY Makun acquired much of his wealth via comedy, he has made his mark as one of the biggest movie producers in Nigeria today.

  • Kunle Afolayan

Kunle Afolayan is one of the most sought-after movie producers in this modern era of Nollywood. He is a renowned producer, director and actor, who is best known and applauded for his remarkable work in the movie titled October 1 (2014)

The star producer/director has produced/directed a good number of top selling Nollywood movies. Some of these include The Figurine (2009), October 1 (2014), The CEO (2016), The Tribunal (2017) and more.

  • Kemi Adetiba

Kemi Adetiba is one of the most prominent contemporary producers/directors in Nollywood. She has carved a niche for herself in the industry, with a number of top-grossing movies under her belt. Aside being a movie producer and director, Kemi Adetiba is also a music video director. She has worked with the likes of Olamide, Tiwa Savage, Lynxx and others in the music industry

Some of the top-grossing movies she has produced/directed include King of Boys (2018) and The Wedding Party (2016). It’s Her Day, King Women, and Brotherhood (yet to be released). The Wedding Party (1 and 2) remains the highest grossing movie in Nollywood, with a combined of earning of about 1 billion Naira.

  • Tchidi Chikere

Tchidi Tchikere has over 50 movies to his credit, he is one of those regarded in the Nigerian Movie Industry as part of the top class movers and shakers of movie production in Nollywood.

He is also a musician who has had collaboration with OJB Jezreel, Marvellous Benji and Pat Attah. He was recently nominated for the City Peoples Awards.

  • Emem Isong

Emem Isong is one of the top movie producers/directors in the Nigerian movie industry. She is one of the leading screenwriters of “new generation Nollywood”, having written the scripts of many top Nollywood movies for the past 10 years.

Some of her top – high grossing – movies include Code of Silence (2015) Ayamma (2014), Knocking on Heavon’s Door (2014), Apaye (2014) and many more.

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