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Lipton Ice Tea Has a Message for International Day of Peace

Lipton Ice Tea Vee

It’s world peace day, and just like 2020, Lipton Ice Tea has a peace message for everyone.

It’s no news that the Lipton Ice Tea brand is known for its bubbly and fun spirit, and with their Chop Beta Life tag, we can tell that the brand values human connection and making people happy. This is why they have made a video encouraging everyone to “Peace Out” on non-human activities today and have a physical connection with family and friends.

Also, they have challenged us to a #LITForPeace activity where participants stand a chance of winning 2 packs of Lipton Ice Tea + LIT merchandise in this challenge. 

To get more details about the challenge, go to @LiptonIceTeaNG on Instagram now, and Lipton Ice Tea NG on Facebook.

Stay LIT for Peace. #PeaceOutForPeace 

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