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How Twitter users behave based on their number of followers

As curated by @SuwaiNas

The usage of Twitter sometimes can be graded based on not just quality of tweets but the number of followers a user has. Here we take a look at how number of followers affects the activities of twitter users

  1. 0-500 followers

excited woman on phone

You respond to almost every mention and follow train. The joy of seeing that blue number on you notification tab is unparalleled. It is not uncommon to beg for followers. KFB KFB upandan.

Begging meme

  1. 500-2000 followers

Mr Eazi phone

You start concentrating on reducing your number of followings, you start feeling fly and important

  1. 2000-5000 followers

Wizkid Phone

You start replying and interacting with only those you are familiar with and those with a lot of followers while sniffing the possibility of owning a blog.

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