8 reasons why there is too much HATE on Social Media

Hate on the internet

We are just a few days into the New Year and subs have started flying all around the Timeline on Twitter. There is too much hate on that platform, and that’s the only conclusion a reasonable person can draw when reading some of the tweets on the TL. The comments section of Instagram is also another place where vitriol is dished out with reckless abandon. We cannot exactly tell why people act this way, but we made a list that might explain why people are the way they are.

  1. They have nothing better to do in life

We should actually pity those that tweet hateful comments. They do not have any avenue to expend their time and energy on, so they stalk other people on social media, compose and post hateful comments. That is all they do. And it seems like these activities give them some sort of purpose in life. Unfortunate

  1. They are cowards

Most of the people spewing hateful comments cannot do it in person. They would rather hide behind their phones and say trash. Some of them even employ the services of Curios Cat, sub delivery handles and anonymous accounts to amplify trash. Cowards all of them. Cowards. Tiger on Twitter, house mouse in real life.

  1. Crab Spirits

The crab mentality originates from seeing captured crabs in a bowl, each frustrating the others’ attempt to escape, hence ensuring the group’s collective demise. People with the crab spirit do not want to flourish and do not want others to flourish either. They curse and wish for other people’s downfall because they want you to lose the things you have that they do not have. Their general idea in life is “if I cannot have it, you cannot have it as well.”

  1. Hate is all they have

You know that saying, “Each gives what he has to give!” If hate is what you have, hate is what you will give; if love and forgiveness is all you have, love and forgiveness is what you will give. It is that simple.

  1. They have no Joy

They are unhappy with their lives and try to make someone else unhappy too. They want to pull others down to their life of unhappiness. Their joy compass is broken so bad that all they want to see around them is pain, suffering and unhappiness. Chai.

  1. Retweets and Likes

This is one of the reasons why there is so much hate. Most human beings seek validation from others and for many on Twitter and Instagram, Retweets, LOLs, Likes, etc., are the sort of validation they need to feel good about themselves. They feel they have arrived when people pay them attention, so instead of hateful people to put in the extra effort be creative with their tweets, they would opt for the lazy way out – which is to spew hate/subs all over the TL for cheap RTs and a chance to appear on Trailerjam/SavageReplies.

  1. Nigeria is hard

Nigeria is hard, and this is fact. We have APC, PDP, fuel scarcity, mad traffic, no light, no jobs, SARS, among other problems. Most people are looking for opportunities to pour out pent up anger/frustration. But instead of healthily purging themselves like normal people, hateful people rather spread negativity and hate on Social Media.

  1. Village People

Read the last subheading again. Yes, Nigeria is hard, and village people are looking for new ways to reduce cost of operation. They have simply decided to fill the hearts of their target audience with hate and allow them use their own Twitter fingers and hateful comments to drive their helpers away.

Finally, we understand loving (certain) people can be hard, and hate can be easy to share. But rather than being petty and/or dropping hateful comments, let us allow people live their lives as we live ours – as far as their actions do not negatively affect anyone. Don’t also help hate flourish by amplifying it. When next you see someone hating, simply ignore. Don’t respond to them. If you must do, ask who hurt them, or share this piece with them. Positive vibes always


Written by Ola Adeniji @olaadeniji_

Written by Ola Adeniji

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