5 types of people who enable rape culture. Which one are you?

Rape culture

There are many types of people who enable rape culture, but we will list 5 here. While women are not the only victims of rape, statistics have shown that about 90% of all victims are female. So this piece is focused on rape as done by men, on (especially) women.

  1. Those who rape/sexually harass others

These ones are the creators, the cause, the reason we’re still having these conversations about rape. Many of them feel entitled to the bodies of their victims, and take ‘it’ by force. Some of them are stark raving mental, but most of them know what they are doing and do it anyway. These people should be erased from the face of the earth as they are less than scum.


  1. Those who can stop the enablement of rape culture but do not do it.

These ones are the biggest enablers of rape culture. They are the government – the FG, lawmakers, Governors, and LG Chairmen. They can make and ratify laws; laws that will deter rapists from raping; laws that will ensure consent is taught in schools, and young kids, especially boys, grow up understanding that no is no, and a woman’s body is not theirs to consume.

Nigerian Senate

They are also the judiciary and law enforcement agencies. They can apply these laws, prosecute defaulters and ensure they do not go unpunished. But are they doing it? Nope. Not at all.

  1. The unconcerned

These ones sit on their high “I am not a rapist” horses and feel unconcerned about the menace because they are not directly affected by it. As far as they have never raped or been raped, the evil doesn’t exist. When women share their survival stories, they are quick to say “not all men are like that”, instead of sympathizing, empathizing and thinking of ways to end the scourge. They are very irritating people.

not all men

  1. The victim-blamers

These are the ones who place the responsibility of the rape on the victim instead of the rapist. They usually do this by publicly ‘advising’ women not to dress seductively, to carry a weapon everywhere they go, etc., because “there are rapists out there”. While their intentions are sometimes good, they must understand that these conversations indirectly place the responsibility to NOT get raped on the victim. So if it happens, the victim is blamed – for dressing seductively, not carrying a weapon, visiting her male friend, etc.

Victim blaming rape

These ones need to stop and understand that for generations, the conversations have been around what women should do so they do not get raped; yet they still do get raped. The conversation has to change to preaching to men, and forcing them to stop raping/sexually harassing women.

  1. False accusers

falsely accused of rape

These cows are the ones who lie that they have been raped or sexually harassed. The damage they cause is not quantifiable. They ruin the life of the accused and (when they are found to have been lying) make it even more difficult to believe actual victims. They are scum, and I was going to say they should get (almost) the same punishment an actual rapist will get, but that will further deter actual victims from coming out, especially when they have little or no proof. See how being a false accuser complicates things? Douche bags.


There. 5 types of people who enable rape culture in Nigeria, and other parts of the world. What category do you fall under?


Written by Chidi Okereke

Content creator, Digital Communications guy, Social Media Analyst, Jack of many trades, and master of some.

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