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5 Nollywood movies that deserve a remake

Hollywood these days is flooded with remakes and sequels of iconic films, from Lion King to Alaadin to Pet Sematary. Some have criticized it, calling it lazy but as long as they are made well and true to the original, bring it on.

While Hollywood continues to tow this path, Nollywood should take a page out of this book with its own remakes. These remakes will attract both old and younger audience and keeps things fresh along with a satisfying nostalgia

But what Nollywood movies truly deserve remakes? here are our five picks.

Most Wanted (1996)

Most wanted was a film about a group of unemployed women who resort to armed robbery disguised as men. This was unprecedented because it depicted women as powerful anti-heroes, something that had never been done before in Nollywood. The cast consisted of Liz Benson, Antar laniyan, Genevieve Nnaji to mention a few. With recent films like King of Boys and Lion Heart highlighting the power of women, a 21st century remake of the classic wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Issakaba (2000)

Nollywod action movies have been non-existent in recent years and Issakaba was Nollywood’s action film at its finest. Issakaba was a film about a group of vigilante boys fighting against social vices in their community. The movie resonated all over Nigeria and the name Issakaba was on everyone’s lips. A remake, just to shake up the action genre would be really intriguing.

Karashika (1996)

Pop culture sensation and one of the most talked about Nollywood movie characters, Karashika, was a film about a lady sent by Lucifer to earth, to kill, destroy and tempt people into hell. A modern day Karashika sure sounds like a good idea, doesn’t it.

Sango (1996)

Sango had all the rave back then when it was released, most especially because of Wale Adebayo’s acting. The epic movie depicted the life and reign of Oba Sango who ruled as Alaafin of Oyo in the fifteenth century. Wale Adebayo still is a phenomenal actor and reprising the role in a remake will surely be something to be excited about.

Blood Money (1997)

A true classic Nollywood occult movie, it told the story about a man who is lured into rituals and the occult world after losing his bank job. The film was directed by Chico Ejiro and stared Zach Orji, Kanayo .O. Kanayo, Francis Duru and Sam Dede. With Ramsey Nouah’s new take on Living in Bondage coming this year, maybe its time to rekindle the once popular occult genre.

Written by Emeka Nweze

Content writer and contributor.

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