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5 Most Overrated Movies

This is a controversial list based on my own opinion that will either make people love me or make people hate me? I mean probably a lot of things, but I’m going to write this list anyway.

Before I begin, this is an opinion warning because you will more than likely have a different one than me. If you do want to share what you think is the top 5 overrated movies, please comment on the Official Twitter handle. There you can find the post containing this article, and comment on it. Let’s discuss movies together! Anyhow let’s begin…


At its core, Widows is a disappointingly generic story, but much like screenwriter Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl, a skilled filmmaker and game cast manage to elevate it (somewhat) above its obvious trappings.

Despite the fist-pumping feminist tenor, the movie’s core is pure, predictable formula, right down to a ludicrously silly third-act plot twist that nearly sinks the film entirely.

Widows is a case of exceptional filmmaking craft making the best of middling material, so the fact that it received 4-5 star reviews from most critics does seem awfully generous. A daft movie is still a daft movie even when it’s dolled up.

Ready Player One

Ready Player One may have been sporadically entertaining as the cinematic equivalent of candy floss, but in terms of staying power and rewatch value, it’s comprised of precious little.

Steven Spielberg’s latest is an undeniably visually dazzling light show, but in terms of its characters and plot, it’s no less shallow than many of the retro video games it lovingly pays homage to.

Essentially Member Berries: The Movie, the film leaves an especially sour taste because it lectures audiences on the dangers of blind nostalgia while dining out on the exact same thing. In my opinion, this movie leans way too much on nostalgia. It gets to a point where that was the only thing the movie had going for it.

It is a film of considerable technical craft, yet touting little of the soul of Spielberg’s better movies.

Avenger’s: Endgame

I don’t know how it happens, but every single movie Marvel has made since 2010 becomes overrated. This does not mean they are bad, but the fans overrate/overhype them to such levels that make them seem like they are on the same level as Citizen Kane or The Godfather. Even movies like Avengers or Spider-Verse get this treatment, and those were awesome. This will be too, regardless of how good it is. We’ll find out more on the 26th of April.

Green Book

While there’s little arguing with the solid performances of Mahershala Ali and Viggo Mortensen, Green Book is an absurdly simplistic, laughably on-the-nose movie about race relations in 1960s America.

Basically Racism for Dummies, Green Book is an attempt to make a palatable “Can’t we all just get along?” movie for the Bible Belt crowd, who can pat themselves on the back for seeing the Racism Is Bad film which trades in obvious moral platitudes and nothing approaching actual nuance.

Earnest and well-meaning to a fault, Peter Farrelly’s film jumps through dramatic hoops a little too easily for its own good, failing to do justice to the two game performers at the centre in the process.

It’s easy to see why there’s an audience for an easily digestible, basic movie like this, but given the reception and awards buzz, it’s staggering just how flatly written and superficial Green Book actually is.

Incredibles 2

I really enjoy Incredibles 2, and furthermore, I love the original Incredibles. It took 14 years for this movie to come out, and leading up to it, the hype was intense.

I think it’s a great sequel, but I feel most of the praise this movie gets is based off of the nostalgia we have for the first movie. The villain this time around was weak and the twist surrounding Screen-Slaver was predictable. There was some great set up with Mr. Incredible, but his arc doesn’t get a proper payoff making it feel pointless. It definitely isn’t as good as the original, and it isn’t one of the best animated movies out there. I do think Incredibles 2 was a fun time, but overall it’s an average movie. If you absolutely loved this movie, well to each their own.

So that’s my list of overrated movies, what are yours?

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