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15 Things Introverts Absolutely Hate

Introverts are reserved, deliberately silent, un-nerving and non-contributory people who just want to be left alone and given their space.

While they prefer calm and do not talk too much, certain activities and stereotypes annoy them. Bellow are 15 things introverts absolutely detest.

1. Small talk

Introverts hate small talk like hows the whether?, did you watch the game? etc. They’d rather be left alone than engage in unnecessary small talk.

2. Meeting new people

Introverts do not like meeting new people because it takes someone ‘special’ to understand their personality, and not judge them. New people might not have that understanding.

3. Crowds

Introverts dread crowds, a bunch of people they don’t know trying to engage them in small talk is an absolute hell no.

4. Not remembering names, birthdays etc

Introverts have a problem remembering little personal details like names and birthdays and that is why they hate meeting new people.

5. Being told to be more social

Introverts absolutely hate being told to loosen up and be more social, like their personality and way of life is unacceptable.

6. Parties

Parties have crowds and introverts hate crowds, period.

7. Keeping in touch

Just as they forget birthdays, introverts almost always unknowingly find it difficult keeping in touch, don’t judge them.

8. Being picked out to answer a question

Calling out an introvert to answer a question in a crowd filled with people is a nightmare because its like all eyes are on them, which some times isn’t the case.

9. Being seen as proud

Introverts are reserved and often keep to themselves, and this is often times seen as pride. Once again, not the case.

10. Trying to be friendly

Because people see them as proud, introverts often attempt to be friendly, an effort in which they fail woefully.

11. Taking pictures with people

No matter the occasion or the person asking for the picture, introverts will often decline taking group pictures.

12. Loud Noises

Introverts love their peace and quiet, so loud noises piss them off all the time.

13. Being late

Not just introverts, everyone hates being late and then becoming the center of attraction at an event or meeting. Introverts dread this.

14. Starting a new job or class

New job or class means new people, and introverts hate meeting new people. Hence, it will take a lot of time to get used to the new environment.

15. Being thought of as anti-social

Along with being seen as proud, introverts are also regarded as anti-social, but really they aren’t, they just want to be left alone with their food and their music.

Written by Emeka Nweze

Content writer and contributor.

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