13 things the Lagos State Govt should be doing instead of parading suspected homosexuals

Inspired by @Chrisihidero and @FlawlessMilo

Lagos parades homosexuals

Yesterday, the official Twitter account of the Lagos State Government posted pictures of alleged homosexuals and announced that they were being arraigned before a court in Yaba.

Of course this action as well as its announcement has sparked heated debates, as people who are anti-homosexuals/anti-choice have sided with the government while those who are pro-homosexuals/pro-choice are angered that people are being arrested for their sexual orientation. Some others believe the government is focusing on things that are of no economic consequence, instead of real issues that are troubling the state.

In a thread sparked by Filmmaker @Chrisihidero, writer @Flawlessmilo dropped most of these gems and we thought to share.

So, see 13 things the Lagos State Government should prioritize, rather than parade homosexuals.

  1. Almost every road in Lagos is bad right now. The LASG should fix them instead of hunting homosexuals.
  2. The LASG can bring back LAWMA from wherever they hid them so the roads can stop looking like refuse dumps.
  3. Lagos State is one of the states whose budget is shrouded in secrecy. The LASG should start running an open and transparent government.
  4. The LASG should introduce stricter penalties for rape cases especially those involving minors. Rape kits should be made available too.
  5. The LASG should compensate the displaced people of #OtodoGbame and other victims of forced evictions.
  6. The LASG should build proper drainages and canals to combat the flooding incidences. Citizens should be educated on proper waste disposal.
  7. The LASG should encourage entrepreneurs and businesses by not taxing them to death. Increase ease of doing business so more people can flourish
  8. The LASG should do something about police officers, LASTMA officials, FRSC and VIO who make it a duty to rob citizens and extort money.
  9. The LASG should decongest prisons. Many people are locked up on trumped-up charges or because they can’t afford the supposedly free bail.
  10. The LASG should introduce AND enforce strict penalties for domestic violence and all forms of domestic abuse.
  11. More churches/mosques should be sealed off, especially in residential areas because of noise pollution.
  12. If they won’t provide employment, the LASG should at least provide free vocational training for youth so they can acquire new skills.
  13. The LASG should find a solution to the Baddoo menace in Ikorodu before it consumes the whole of Lagos.

Got any other suggestion as to things the Lagos State Government should prioritize? Comment below.

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