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Top 10 Worst Cities to Drive in the World

Big cities are gradually becoming parking lots, and population and economic growth are big factors in this increasing congestion. While driving can be fun, but doing it in the wrong place can automatically turn the thrill into mayhem. Different cities all over the world have their traffic issues, but some are just a complete mad house.

Below are 10 of the world’s most dangerous cities in the world to drive.

1. Mumbai, India

Driving in Mumbai can be a completely chaotic and terrible experience altogether as the roads are shared by too many, and this sometimes includes roaming animals, encumbered buses and tuk-tuks. The chaos is compounded by the loud noises coming from car horns, and this can be frustrating. It is also worth mentioning that cows, a sacred animal in Hinduism, always get the right of way, hence drivers bear the risk of running into one on the roads.

2. Toronto, Canada

The city of Toronto is home to North America’s busiest highway – the 401. Nearly a half a million people travel the Toronto stretch of this highway everyday, and despite its 18-lanes,traffic congestion on this road is like none other., and all 18-lanes come to a standstill the minute rush hour hits.

3. Manila, Philippines

Drivers in Manila have no regards for traffic rules. If you ever visit the capital city of the Philippines, be sure to face complete chaos from triple-lane changes, using opposite lanes of traffic to get out of jams, turning left from the far right. Pedestrians are not safe as well, drivers completely ignore traffic rules this means that driving and crossing roadways on foot are both risky territory in this city.

4. Beijing, China

With over five million vehicles on the road in Beijing – and more than 1,000 new ones joining the fleet every day, traffic congestion and complete disregard of basic traffic rules such as lane markings, traffic signs and merging instructions remain the order of the day.

5. Seoul, South Korea

It is worth knowing that public transit vehicles are legally allowed to ignore traffic signals. Drivers have no problem ignoring traffic lights and pedestrians are considered unimportant distractions. Punctuality is more important than safety in this city, as drivers in Seoul are somehow always in a hurry and prefer to drive with forceful intention. Motorcyclists do not make driving better either as you constantly see them riding on the sidewalks, illegal as it may be.

6. Paris, France

The “city of love” shows no love to drivers, thanks to narrow streets, limited parking spaces as a result of competition, and the single most confusing traffic roundabout in the world: the Arc de Triomphe. This insanely large roundabout has roughly 13 different entrances, no markings and no lines. Be sure to watch for children running into traffic, drivers cutting ahead, and just general all-around pandemonium. The silver lining is that you can avoid driving and make use of the the city’s superb public transportation system.

7. Athens, Greece

Driving in Athens is widely characterised by a general disregard for traffic laws and a lack of parking as a result of streets being blocked by double- and triple-parked vehicles. Road signs are also difficult to locate because their extremely obscure locations like high up on the sides of buildings. Motor cyclist also do not do drivers any favours in the Greek capital, as they often weave between cars on the road completely ignoring the existence of lanes.

8. Lagos, Nigeria

The commercial city of Lagos is another place where there is blatant disregard of traffic rules, either because drivers do not know what the mean or they just don’t care. It is also widely suggested that many of the drivers on Lagos roads never attended driving school. Asides from the bad roads, be sure to watch out for ‘danfo’, the go-to bus system in Lagos. Drivers of danfo are reckless and will do anything to maneuver the roads, causing traffic congestion and horrific driving experience

9. Rome, Italy

Driving in the picturesque ancient city should be beautiful, but don’t be fooled because that is far from the case. The city’s old roads are a major cause of traffic problems in Italy’s capital. Drivers in Rome are aggressive with Rome has been ranked as the European city where drivers have lost the most time due to traffic congestion.

10. Orlando, United States

The “Happiest Place on Earth” is actually one of the most frustrating places to drive. Cars headed to and from the gigantic malls and theme parks cause insane bottlenecks and ridiculous traffic congestion. And let’s not even get started on the number of carjackings that take place in broad daylight.

Written by Emeka Nweze

Content writer and contributor.

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