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The Purge: See some memorable punchlines from Vector’s M.I diss

Shots fired! Vector just dropped The Purge, an M.I/Chocolate City diss track featuring Vader and Payper. All three rappers came for blood, going all out with hard hitting punchlines.

This was a no holds barred diss track that seemed a lot personal as Vector Vader and Payper tried to undermine M.I’s long standing claim of being the best rapper in Africa.

For those who didn’t grasp some the fire lines from the track, we have collated a few for you.

This is exactly what Hip Hop in Nigeria needs right now and we eagerly await M.I’s response.

Vader went in on Blaqbones and M.I

“either you’re dumb or your nigga don’t tell you the truth”

10 years before you got an almost hit, I’m two years in and I’m on one of those seats”

“Only you was popping, you dropped the lamb project, they became the topic, took you for back pocket”

“Have you ever seen top dawg command Kendrick to leave an interview, but it happened to you before our very own eyes”

“You’ve been praying to God and Jehovah has been listening, but it’s obvious he won’t answer, even Cobhams has seen it”

My pen game too elite for all you merry men, let it not be some average rapper that be stepping in”

“let it not be a pu**y, I swear I’m not a gentle man”

Payper aimed at the whole chocolate city crew

“You know strong stay quiet while the weaklings do the most speaking”

“you’re a dead man working, best believe it, that’s your ghost speaking”

“Yo M please get these underage drinkers out of the bar”

“I see Blaq talking loose and Loose saying he cant be cooked”

“This is a heist, Vector is the professor, I’m Helsinki”

“I’m selling caskets, y’all look good in funeral suits”

Vector came in hard and went all out for M.I

“This is the tale of a fool who’s thinking how to make a name so he picked two letters, then adopted King James and made it a good set up from a basketballer’s name”

“the whole thing is hard to grab, I swear this shit is Cactus”

“You want to talk about the money? put a suit on a dummy and real Gs will still see that shit is backwards”

“Watch the two bars connect the chain reacting like nunchucks to show you your dumb fans are dumb sha”

“Pushing buttons like a rookie playing video games, he’s thinking it’s fun sha”

“African rapper number one my ass, boy the flavour left”

“You made a cypher, then my name started trending, I retweeted, your claims started bending”

“How are you a beast when you’re the size of a Chihuahua”

“You told me to drop a joint, what’s the point…if I cut my legs off, you still wouldn’t reach the point where my head is”

“Lyricist on the roll multiple times in my headies”

“Dem dey baff up for videos and e dey nice, I pray say na the same thing when we see am for real life”

We rapping all around your head, shege durags”

“You rep another but you still taking Henny shots, you’re desperate taking any shots”

Which line is your favourite? leave a comment below.

Written by Emeka Nweze

Content writer and contributor.

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