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Obasanjo wrote Buhari a ‘letter bomb’, and these are 9 takeaways from it

Obasanjo, Buhari
Obasanjo, Buhari

The day was going without much drama. Only news on social media was the Google doodle of the Big Boss himself, Stephen Keshi. Then out from the blues, Dr Olusegun ‘Baba Iyabo’ Obasanjo threw a thunderbolt. The square punch was on no other person than the current Mr. President himself.

Baba Obasanjo has been ‘toppling’ regimes with his letters – ask the last president – and he has now gone to school to get a PhD in it. You can therefore imagine how badass the letter was – read HERE. Anyways, we have summarized it and these are 9 takeaways.

  1. Rich in Metaphors

From Achebe to Soyinka, no African Elder writes without employing literary devices like proverbs and metaphors. Obasanjo didn’t disappoint as he opened with blood and lice. Hear him:

“The lice of poor performance in government … are very much with us today. With such lice of general and specific poor performance and crying poverty with us, our fingers will not be dry of ‘blood’’.

We all know what “blood’ on our (hands) fingers mean yeah?

Still on metaphors, Baba infers that Presidents are Horse Riders. But wait, who come be horse? I digress.

  1. Baba knew from start that PMB was ineffective

From the letter, Obasanjo inferred that GEJ didn’t listen, so in 2015, Nigerians (with a little help from powers that be) decided anything-but-Jonathan. He claimed to know PMB was weak on the economy but felt he’ll employ the smartest of Nigerians. Sadly, we know where taking months to scout for talents led us.

  1. Passmark on fighting insurgency

Obasanjo gave PMB a small passmark on the fight against insurgency. Baba knows how to give praise where due.

  1. High Score on Nepotism

Trust Baba, he didn’t mince words to call out PMB using the words “…nepotic deployment bordering on clannishness”. Kai Baba, me sef go go find PhD form.

  1. Two other F’s

Baba also told PMB in his bombshell note that he has a poor understanding of internal political dynamics and buck passing aka taking responsibility. Two one-two punch in quick succession on the same paragraph.

  1. Final result

The long and short is, Obj asked PMB to honorably “dismount from the horse”. Don’t even repeat class, Baba seemed to say. Just sub yourself, and watch (and direct) from the sidelines.

  1. What this means for PDP

PDP should by implication feel endorsed ba? Errr.. Nope. Baba sticks to being non partisan and his PDP card remains torn. In fact, he categorically does not believe in the PDP to deliver. So what next then?

  1. Coalition of Nigeria

Obj is proposing a coalition of Nigerians, concerned and willing to make a positive change in the country. They will propose development initiatives and plan and all those things smart people can come together to do. Is this then a political movement?

  1. Caveat

While indicating interest to work with and join such a group, and not taking away the possibility of the proposed group morphing into a political one or nominating political candidates; Obj opines that he will leave if the group becomes political because, well, he is now a non partisan monk (and Doctor, don’t forget the PhD) and has taken his vows.


The last time Obj wrote a letter to the sitting president, it was a turning point and we know what happened. Will lightening strike twice? Is Obj the new political oracle? Has he perfected the art of reading the times and speaking truth to political power? Or will he be wrong and demystified? Only time will tell.

With more and more former supporters, like Obj and even Aisha Buhari, distancing themselves from PMB, It behoves to see how the Presidency will react. But much more importantly, how Nigerians will react in February 2019 – with their PVC, at the ballot.

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